Saturday, December 01, 2007


Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

The other day, the famous Tertia over at So Close, was talking about how frighteningly accurate this Meyers-Briggs type test was. It has been years since I have done a Meyers-Briggs and I was in a really boring conference call, so I clicked over and answered the 140 or so questions and INFJ was the result. I have to tell you. I agree 100%. Frighteningly accurate. You can read more about INFJ here. You can go take the test here. Come on, go do it real quick, you know you want to. Then come back and let's discuss. I love this type of thing.

Most people find it very surprising that I'm classified as an introvert. If you use the definition of an introvert is one who get their energy from themselves and an extrovert as one who gets their energy from being around others, which the Meyers-Briggs test do, it makes more sense. I really enjoy my alone time. Heck, it is a Saturday night and I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do. Basically nothing, but hang out with myself. The thing I miss the most about my life before Max is my early morning hikes with the dogs. I often feel like a part of my soul has been cut out because this is no longer a regular part of my life and can get teary eyed just passing an old favorite trail even as Max has me laughing for some or other reason. I often have to remind myself that this is temporary and a sacrifice needed, but only for a short while. The relationship I was in just before I decided to give up on dating and focus on having a child/family as a single woman ended because of incompatibility "together time". I remember it clearly we had gone out on a Friday night of a three day weekend and were having a good time until I asked what he planned to do for the rest of the weekend. He had planned to spend it entirely with me where as I figured by spending Friday night with him I was good and clear for the weekend. Sorry, he had to go. You'll often hear me talking about going into cave mode or hibernation or just do a withdrawal when things have been too busy or stressful or scheduled. This is not a luxury. This is a necessity for me. I must have some alone time to recharge.

The other thing I find very interesting about the Meyers-Brigg is how little it has changed for me over the years. The first time or two I took it, I was a INTJ and as I have gotten older (and wiser?) I have rated more as a feeling than a thinking. I forget the exact percentages, but I have always been lower percentile in the Thinking/Feeling category on either side of the equation, kind of like a borderline situation.

My biggest "ah ha" from the whole personality test/trait when I first did it all those years ago, (gosh has it already been almost 20 years now, yikes) was the realization that other people did not think or process things like me, that they could take in the same data points and not only come up with a different outcome, but an entire different path to get it. Maybe it sounds simplistic or like common sense, but it had really never occurred to me before. Both the INTJ and INFJ are exceedingly rare with only around 1% of the population in each. I was and always am struck by that even as it just "feels" right (and it does, feel right that is).

Anyway, when I read the various description of an INJF it just seems to hit the target 100%.

In other news, my u/s yesterday went fine and my lining looked good so I was able to stop the Viagra. Hip Hip Horray! My e2 still sucked, but sucked less and went from 153 to 253 so we increased my E2V up to .4 cc's. I'm sure I'll be increasing Tuesday night again, but I'm not worried, it will be fine. Or not. But, it will be what it will be at this point so no point in worrying about it and I'm not.

My donor also had an u/s yesterday, but I was waiting for my PCP appointment for my eye medication when the call came in so I couldn't write down the number and sizes of follicles. I was thinking it all sounded fine and then my coordinator ended with "it's still early yet" leaving me wondering if I had missed something along the way.

Switching gears, I often go on and on and on around here about how great my son is and how amazing and great he is and how much he makes me laugh. All true. However, just to be clear, he isn't perfect and can be annoying as hell at times. Thank goodness he has me, who is usually pretty easy going, as his mom as he is pretty strong willed and there is the potential for many more clash of wills. For example, when he woke up from his nap and I went to give him a fresh diaper, he told me "no momma, I no want a fresh diaper" so he got to run around bare bottomed all afternoon. I could care less. Just not worth the argument and battle. Now, if he were urinating all over things, that would be another story, but he does and will go in the potty (or on occasion the grass "like the doggies" :).

The thing that is annoying me to end lately is the fact that we are having to change his bedding at least once if not twice a day for the last several weeks. He keeps taking off his clothes and peeing all over everything. The other day, he poo'd. This is not an accident. He's doing it on purpose and thinks it's funny. He's proud of himself. I told him this afternoon in no uncertain terms he was not to pee or poo in his crib. I could care less if he gets naked, but to call me (or Mimi, which is what he calls Noemi) if he needed to use the potty. He agreed. Instead he told me "Momma, spilt milk everywhere and made big mess. Everything wet." as I walked in to get him up from his crib with a big smile on his face. Ugh! It had me remembering with fondness the year between 1 and 2 when we only had to change is sheet/mattress pad once a week just for principle. Deep breaths and reminding myself that this is just a phase and it too shall pass helped a little. Still. Very annoying. Good thing I love that kid so much.

On the other hand, I'm exceedingly proud of him. He went poo in the big potty all by himself tonight. We had been in the bathroom because he had pee'd and he wanted to play in there. I wanted to finish washing the dinner dishes so said fine when he wanted to stay in there and play in the sink and listen to music (have an old record player/radio/tape combo unit in the bathroom). Then, my sister called and I got on the phone. I realized quite a bit of time had gone by and went to go check on him. He had moved the stool to the toilet, climbed up, and did the deed. He didn't even put the smaller seat cushion from his potty training chair on it, which he can and has done. By the look on his face, he was proud of himself as well. The funny thing is, I don't think he would have done it if I hadn't left him alone. He will almost always either go off to have a BM or wait until he's alone in his crib for a nap or the night. I'll have to remember to give him that privacy he seems to need.


Drowned Girl said...

Just saying hi, I'm wishing you luck in this cycle


Nina said...

I went to check it for the first time - I'm INFP - Healer:-) don;t know yet what it means

So, will discuss it with you later:-)