Friday, December 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It was a good trip and I'm glad I went, but....I'm so darn happy to be home.

Good thing I tend to be fairly low keyed.

I got lost or made a wrong turn every place I went except my first night from the airport to the corporate apartments and from my aunt and uncles back to the airport this morning. I had to drive in snow and ice and it was cold. I had a bad IBS episode while lost driving one night. However, I got to see and meet with a people I haven't seen in years or have worked with for years and never met face to face. I like my new boss. I'm not thrilled with all of the reorganization changes planned or in the works, but I don't really hate them either and likely I'm going to be taking on a new role in the new organization, by my choice.

My donor triggered way earlier than expected and they changed my calendar and wanted me to start progesterone, which I didn't have with me, but one of my cousins just happened to have to have some PIO she gave me so I didn't have to try to find a pharmacy. They wanted me to get a E2 blood draw, which ultimately didn't happen. I started my zpack (antibiotics) a day late because the updated calendar was sent to my personal email, which I couldn't access while away, and my coordinator didn't mention it when I talked to her late one night to get the calendar changes verbally. Asprin fell off my calendar and I keep forgetting to ask if I should still be taking it or should have stopped, which I didn't. My coordinator told me not to take Lupron Thursday morning (day of retrieval), but the calendar, when I saw it days later said to take it. I was going to stop by the clinic on my way home this afternoon for that e2 blood draw and the Viagra wash they want me to do even though it has been a week since I stopped Viagra, but we landed late so I'm going in the morning. In spite of all that and probably a few more things like that I'm forgetting at the moment, I really stayed calm. I got a bit teary eyed this morning after going to two different labs in a town I didn't know before I left for the airport, both of which couldn't or wouldn't do the test for different stupid reasons. But, I took a deep breath decided it was what it was at this point and went for a quick breakfast with my cousin, her husband, and my aunt and uncle.

I still have my awful cough and am tired, tired, tired. I went to bed on west coast time and woke up on east coast time and went non-stop in between.

They retrieved 26 eggs, 15 fertilized normally, and I'm scheduled for an 11 am transfer on Tuesday. With 26 retrieved, I was anticipating a 50% fertilization rate and got slightly better than that so am all and all happy. We will see what the embryo marker test shows and how many we still have on transfer day. I have all the details on maturity and such on my voice mail but haven't really listened to closely yet. I just remembered the bottom line of 15 fertilized normally.


Drowned Girl said...

15 is a great number!! Watching for good progress reports xx

Anonymous said...

sounds great!-Margie

Nina said...

15 is an amazing number!!!OMG, I can't believe it. I had 4, and I was so proud:-)