Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eating for two

One of the things I remember most about being pregnant with Max was the need to eat on a regular basis like every 1 - 3 hours. I would just be starving all the time. Cereal and turkey sandwiches were a staple and it always seemed like I couldn't get enough milk. No matter how many times I ate things things...daily, several times a day, every 1 - 3 hours...I would turn around and be hungry again.

I haven't been a caffeine drinker in years and years, but will typically allow myself 1 diet caffeine free diet dr. pepper or a fresca a day, usually when I'm working and Max is not around because then I have to share or prepare for the drama. When pregnant, I basically cut that out, not because of any particular moral high road, it just didn't appeal, which made me a tad sad, my one small pleasure, but it didn't appeal and I figured it was probably for the best.

That's how I've been feeling today. I haven't really been paying attention so could have been the same over the last day or so, but today it is noticeable. I just can't seem to get enough to eat today. And, I don't want to just eat anything, protein, milk, pistachios, and bland carbs are just hitting the spot. And, those meatballs are still sounding good, I may have to make them again in the next few days.

While I have been on dex, and today is a dex day (only taking it every other day because it wacks me out, hypes me up, renders me a complete insomniac) and this is a side affect of dex for some people (not usually me) I've been on dex before and for weeks now.

Now, just to repeat the standard warning here....all of this speculation and pondering and observations is just a fond 2ww past time. Should this cycle be successful, we can all look back and talk about hindsight or you can say "I thought so." or "I told you so."

In other/Max news, let me tell you how fond I am/have become of nap time. I really think it has become my favorite time or the week. Yes, Max naps (or at least gets put in the crib) every day, but naps while I'm working don't count. I just look forward all week to those naps on the weekends, when I am free, free, free. I was especially happy today since my normal mild manner boy was pitching a fit over pretty much everything this morning. He's been waking up early and it was the 4 am hour. He's old enough that I don't actually spring him free this early, but will go check on him and get him milk or a fresh diaper or whatever he needs.

One of the things Max has been asking for for weeks was a hair cut. After his first cut, I've been having his nanny take him during the week, but the last time I didn't really like the cut so wanted to do it myself so I could tell them exactly how I wanted it done. All morning, starting at around 6 am, all Max wanted to do was go get his haircut and would pitch a fit when I would try to explain that it was too early, it wasn't open, they didn't wake up as early as we did. "Max, do you want breakfast". "No, momma, go in momma's car to get hair cut." "Max, we need to run to the mall really quick before it gets crowded to get Uncle Frank's Christmas present". "No, Momma, go get Max's hair cut." Imagine almost 4 straight hours of this. As we were leaving the parking lot, he told me "See momma, hair cut was open.". Yes, I did have to laugh. I think I got the exact same hair stylist as he got last time. She heard me out, agreed, and then cut it exactly the same way she did last time that I didn't like. However, the thing that shocked me was the fact that Max screamed and cried and fussed the entire time. It really was an unpleasant experience for us all. As we were wrapping this up, I mentioned to him that I was surprised he was so upset since he had been asking for a hair cut and asked him if he just wanted to come play with the toys. He stops crying and say's "YYYYEEESSSS!". So, we stayed for a half hour to let him calm down and play with the toys. And, he checked himself out in the mirror and said, "nice hair cut" so I guess he likes the result, just not the process. Ah, this son of mine.

He's also been totally into the Elmo Potty DVD and this The Potty Book - For Boys.
He even wanted to take it to school on Thursday for show and tell. For $6, another great buy for us. The funny thing is, that he is starting to memorize the words and say them when he sees the page. "Hi, my name is Henry". Or, "I am proud of me, too".

Well, it's been about 45 minutes since my last meal, I think it's time to go pour some more calories down the hatchet.

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