Friday, December 14, 2007

Obsessing Update

Sadly, that nausea symptom disappeared just about the time I hit the "post" button, not to return. I'm not fact...I'm keyed up...and didn't fall asleep until midnight and was up at 4 am. And, my "ute" has been quiet as can be. Nary a symptom to be felt, not even if I try and think really really hard and focus. And, I know...from all too much experience...that the presence or absence of symptoms, especially at this stage of the game, means....absolutely nothing. Now, time to focus on work and put the obsessing on hold.


QuiltingChaos said...

Obsess away, my dear. That's how the 2ww is done. I won't bother telling you anything you already know. Just remember that you have many friends who love you and are pulling for you.

Laura in L.A. said...

What Margie said!!! I think the crockpot of meatballs sounded delicious, and I would've eaten a bunch, too.

If it makes you feel better, I am just as bananas right now in Burbank. I'm analyzing every twinge, and feeling myself up continuously. I'm going to have to control myself so I can leave the house! :) Thinking good thoughts for all our embies!

Love, Laura :)