Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A sign?

We are having rain here. I just checked out the weather forecast. Only 30% chance of rain tonight, but since it actually is raining that's just a tad off. However, 70% rain forecast for both Tuesday and Thursday beta days with Wednesday and Friday projected to be sunny and clear. Just wondering if that's a bad sign and the angels in heaven are going to be crying with me? Or, maybe they will be tears of happiness and relief not sorrow? Sign or not, it will mean that the drive to and fro the clinic will be more of a pain and take more of my precious time. This is Southern California and nothing like a little rain to make normal bad commute worse. Too bad I just can't do the blood draw and lab test myself. I could do it from a local lab, but it's paid for in my cycle fee and even if I did it stat, it wouldn't be until the next day until I got the results. I'm just not that patient of a person. Maybe they are wrong and it will have blown over by then. One can only hope.

Tic Toc Tic Toc. Only 12 hours until blood draw appointment.

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steinbockfrau said...

happy beta day to you!!

& I think the rain is a good sign. I think of rain- especially in California- as being a very good & cleansing thing.

and when it stops...you can see clearly now the rain has gone.

Good Luck!