Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Happens

All is reasonably well in my world. Just busy. Company came for a visit. Broken dryer here. Doctor appointment there. Going to Max's classroom to have a "concert". Working hard and long, but at least I like it. Usually starting at 7 am and wrapping up a few hours after the children are asleep with breaks in between to run Max to school, a few hours in the afternoon to pick him up, dinner, and get through the bed time routine. I'm carving out time to enjoy the family and the occasional dinner out with the girls or visit with a friend, but it is all busy. Friends calls and emails sit and wait because there just isn't enough time. I feel too guilty to spend time blogging when there are other important tasks not getting done. We've had a nice run of 10 - 14 or so days with no coughs, snot, or buggers around here, but that's coming to an end with all three of them starting yesterday so that means more breathing treatments for the twins which aren't hard (other than the screaming and fussing and fighting they do), but just takes time. There is just one of me and about a million and five things that need to get done at any time so somethings have to give.