Monday, June 14, 2010

The stats

The official two year stats are as follows:

Weight - 25 lbs, 25%
Height - 33 1/2 in, 40%
Head - 18 3/4in, 50%

Weight - 26 lbs, 25%
Height - 33 7/8 in, 28%
Head - 19 1/8 in, 49%

Of course, we didn't actually discuss the stats and talk about adjusted vs. not adjusted. And, the fact that they were preemie never came up. How great it that?

Usually, the appointment goes something like, with all three kids are led back with two of the three screaming like they are being tortured. There maybe occasional lulls in wailing while no medical personnel are in the exam room. The nurses, doctor and I try to carry on a conversation while the two smaller children are in hysterics and Max tells them random things or asks questions near and dear to his heart at the moment.

Today, my cousin and her daughter stayed until tonight and went along. Max and CC (who is now 13) stayed on the waiting room for most of the visit. My cousin and I took the twins back to room 5. She learned I wasn't kidding when I thought the previous kids reluctance to be led back was mild compared to the twins. Ah, she learned quickly, as they both instantaneously started crying (very loudly) when the nurse called their name. Continued to scream through the torture of the "measuring" phase of the appointment. She valiantly tried to sooth. While I laughed, knowing it was a vain attempt. One measuring was complete, she took one back to the waiting room. Doc H came in examined the first victim. We took a short break while I switched kids. He examined the second victim. He suggested I take victim 2 to rejoin victim 1 in waiting room. Then, he and I had a very pleasant 10 min or so to chat sans children. Oh, it was so pleasant. Then, everyone returned to room 5 for the shots, where Max made it very clear that HE was not their for shots, only his brother and sister. Then, I sent everyone out to the car where I used the restroom and checked out in peace. Very early in the appointment, my cousin (who commented a few times that her kids never acted like this) said that she now saw why I asked her to come and help. I just laugh thinking about it.

Anyway, since we had no children to talk over or interrupt, I find it a bit funny in hindsight that we never did talk about "the stats", but really, they are fine and growing well.

We covered all of what I would consider the basics. R can now move to an inhaler. N needs something before dental exams (have the script for the dentist). No major behavioral or milestone issues either of us were worried about. Talked a bit about regional center and their lack of funding pretty much anything and how lucky (knock on wood) that ours hasn't been cut.

He recommends sun screens which block instead of use chemicals (discussed in response to my question) that have Dtanial (sp?) Dioxide and Zinc Oxide with a specific recommendation for Neutrogena Sensitive or Blue Lizard to avoid the rash that Max and N tend to get with many lotions or sun screens.

Stopping by Travel Town for a quick train ride, dinner, a swim, a walk rounded out the rest of the afternoon and evening before the kids went to bed and my cousin hit the road.

And, tomorrow is another day where Max starts summer school and I try to catch up on missing 3 hours of work.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ray and Nora are 2

Can you believe it? Happy Birthday to you!

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