Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where for art thou?

Working - First meeting of the day starts at 6:30 am local time. Last meeting of the day several nights a week 8 pm. It will suck even more next month when I and everyone else in my group/on my team does this for significantly less money as all of our job codes and salaries are being adjusted.

Family - Spending as much time in between with the kids, taking sick R to the peds to confirm yet another double ear infection and start antibiotics. Got into Max's classroom to make an "ocean in a bottle" which was a big hit and most kids wanted two. I'm psyching myself up to spend more time with all three of my children since I will likely have to cut the nannies hours/pay less in attempt to make up for some of the difference in my reduced pay.

Extended Family - I've had a fair amount of visitors/company with my sister and her family in town. my cousins husband who has already moved out for his new job, and now my cousin and her youngest who are here with a friend. The older kids are driving the cars out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So far so good

N is completely off of phenobarbital now and doing quite well. Maybe the OT was right and the had banging/tapping was related to having a head cold as it only happened those two days. The early childhood development therapist didn't seem to think it was sensory as much as she is now starting to be more aware of her body, including her head now that she isn't under the influence.

Max has mostly been dry at night, I thought except for once until tonight when I went to put him to bed and found a wet pair of PJ bottoms on his bedroom floor. I guess that's why he woke up so early this morning. I didn't realize it because he had put on a different/new pair before coming into my bed.

I'm up making waffles, because I've been wanting too all day and didn't get the chance. I was almost too tired to even clean up the kitchen after the kids went down, but made myself since the dishwasher really needed to be run. I'm glad I rallied. The waffle iron and I are still getting to know each other and I keep trying different recipes that cook differently, but all good so far. We will see how this batch freezes. I think I'm going to look around for another iron or two so I can cook more at one time. Freecyle here I come...when I get a spare minute or two.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swing me, Rock me, Bounce Me

Higher, faster, wilder

N started doing some mild head banging yesterday. Okay, it was more like rocking her head into what was ever behind her. Not hard, more like a tap, but it still didn't thrill me. I picked her up and put her in the excersaucer so she could bounce. OT came today and witnessed it. She didn't seem concerned and said she could be doing it because her head is stuffy, etc. and we would have to wait to see if it was truly a sensory issue. She said the excersaucer was a good choice and we walked around the house and talked about other alternatives like the excerball, the swing (which she doesn't really like because it doesn't swing wild or high enough for her), the pool, bouncing in the pool, the rocking horse, etc. In spite of what the OT says, my gut tells me sensory. I remember distinctly thinking sensory months 3 - 6 when she was first home with the hospital when she would not cuddle/fall asleep in your arms and spent many full or parts of night in the swing. I have the Out of Sync Child (or something like that) checked out from the library so my mind can research what my instinct is telling me. Now, to only have the time and energy to actually open and read it at the end of the day.

Speaking of swings, N is asleep in one right now. Sadly, the battery operated swing part of that no longer swings. The manual swing method got old after 5 minutes. However, she seems to have fallen asleep, hopefully for the night, in the amount of time it took me to go to the neighbors to reborrow their swing that I had returned months ago. Maybe we wont need it after all, but I'm glad I have it in reserve...just in case. Life is so much better with a halfway decent night sleep.

ps. I never really would resort to violence on my poor (probably not so innocent) cat, but I do think about it on occassion, like now when he is meowing and bugging me when I just want a bit of peace and quiet at the end of a long, busy day. At least this time, I know why. I've moved his water bowl. I've shown him where its new spot it, but he isn't thrilled. The problem with the old spot is that it was in the master bathroom and with the babies moble, the bathroom door gets closed off for most of the day so he doesn't have access to it. The new spot is on the table right next to his food and the other water bowl he refuses to use. I can tell a power struggle is going to ensue. I'm prepared to win this one this time. He keeps at it, he will be banned for the night.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Got Snot?

Plenty of buggers to be had around here along with sneezes, coughs, body aches, and such.

Max, undies, and bed were all dry this morning. I praised him for "knowing his body" and when it was ready.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Weaning

We are in week 5.5 of the 6 week wean of N from phenobarbital. It is going fine because of there have been no seizures. However, it has unmasked some sensory stuff. Mostly rocking and difficultly soothing to sleep. The self soothing to sleep wasn't too bad until we hit the 1 cc/ml mark. The last few days have been bad. Tonight was awful. Thank goodness for the OT who has given me some good tips that have helped probably making it less bad that it could have been.

With the new high stress job, the lack of sleep, and now the sickness/cold thing I have going on (we all sound like we may be headed that way...pisses me off because we were on a nice healthy streak until I had to take R to the 'ficken doctors this week and had to to take Max for logistical reasons...and no matter how much stuff you don't touch and how you clean the hands, etc. seems like we end up sick after every appointment) my milk supply is WAY down. I keep telling myself I should just give it up. It's a sign that it is time to just stop. But, the stubborn streak in me doesn't care how much easier it would make my life and the fact that it would reduce the some of the stress in my life. Bottom line is I wanted/want to make it until the fall and I don't want to be all resentful later in life that I didn't especially for a stupid job. I may still just stop one day. I almost did tonight, but I can be a stubborn ole goat sometimes.

In spite of it all, it was a very pleasant and almost relaxing weekend. I had company for part of it (cousin's husband), got stuff done around the house (mostly before he got here), hosted a party, and really forgot about work and the work stresses for most of it. It's been hot, hot, hot. But, we've been out enjoying the pool and the warm lazy afternoons with friends relaxes me. We even made it to church today with and extra set of helping hands, it wasn't too bad.

Max is in just undies tonight. He didn't want to wear a pull up and told me he will get up to use the potty. And, he HAS been dry most of the last 7 days. In spite of my fear that he is going to wake up wet and in my bed waking me up in the middle of the night so I get less sleep than the little I have been getting, I let him do it and hope for the best.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True or False

1) Debbie had started work today with a 6:30 am meeting.
2) Debbie had back to back meetings all day such that she could not take her preschooler to school.
3) Debbie is on day 3 of a new job managing a project that is 7 months into an 18 month schedule. The schedule shows we are 60% through our work and 80% through our effort. Everyone assumes this is wrong. We are 2 weeks away from quarterly client deliverable and no one knows whether we are really on track to meet them.
4) Debbie will have a 6:30 am weekday meeting for the foreseeable future.
5) Debbie will have back to back meetings such that she can not take her preschooler to school for the foreseeable future.
6) Debbie discovers that the nanny has left Max home, because he didn't want to go and I was home, while she gave the twins their morning walk.
7) N does not sleep as planned during morning nap and instead screams her head off, which is a problem because a) nanny has taken Max to school and to pick up a Rx refill needed for tonight b) Debbie is supposed to be working c) the handset battery on the phone is shot so has the call on conference.
8) R finally gets offically taken off of O2 and apnea monitor.
9) R decides he doesn't like his pulminologist and screams for every little thing like the stethiscope, the ear check.
10) R got so upset that he gagged and vomited (in his mothers quick hands) during the throat check.
11) The wait at the doctors took forever and we got home significantly after the nanny was supposed to leave.
12) Debbie anticipated a potential late return and picked up Max and took him with because we are running with one car right now meaning she had two kids in tow to wait forever and to manage all while trying to talk to the doctor.

If you guessed 12 true 0 false, you are a winner. Stress level is a tad high around here.

In other news, feel free to go vote for Ms. N*O*R*A...

Max's teacher talked me into entering her into a cutest baby contest. Speaking of N, I could probably do a whole post on her if I had the time and energy. Overall, she is doing great. She is now crawling and picking up speed. Standing, but hasn't mastered/figured out how to get back down. We have weaned her down to 2cc's/ml's of phenobarbital and go to 1cc/ml on Thursday. Some sensory stuff has started to surface along the weaning path. I'm so so so glad I fought and got OT started for N before the funding was cut and it didn't happen. Nothing to major...a lot of rocking and some difficulty falling asleep. OT has given good techniques that are helping.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Just because

There something a bit decadent and scandalous of imbibing while pumping almost ...shall we say...naked while watching a silly reality show (Ice Road Truckers).

Why? Just because. The bubbly has been in the fridge for ages and ages. It's a GOOD bottle too. Now, a big chocolate bar would have only put things over the top so probably a good thing I don't have one in the house.

R's climbing. N's crawling. Max is swimming.

Overall, a good weekend. A friend over on Friday. Some family and neighbors over on Saturday. Solo all day today. Sitting on the other side of the day, I can say that it really wasn't that bad. Although, we skipped church in favor of naps. And, no, there were no firework events planned or attended. Hey, it's past bedtime. There will be many years in the future for such festivities. Just not worth it right now when they are so young and I'm running solo.

Now, off to savor the bubbly. Just because it sounded good and is tasting even better.