Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True or False

1) Debbie had started work today with a 6:30 am meeting.
2) Debbie had back to back meetings all day such that she could not take her preschooler to school.
3) Debbie is on day 3 of a new job managing a project that is 7 months into an 18 month schedule. The schedule shows we are 60% through our work and 80% through our effort. Everyone assumes this is wrong. We are 2 weeks away from quarterly client deliverable and no one knows whether we are really on track to meet them.
4) Debbie will have a 6:30 am weekday meeting for the foreseeable future.
5) Debbie will have back to back meetings such that she can not take her preschooler to school for the foreseeable future.
6) Debbie discovers that the nanny has left Max home, because he didn't want to go and I was home, while she gave the twins their morning walk.
7) N does not sleep as planned during morning nap and instead screams her head off, which is a problem because a) nanny has taken Max to school and to pick up a Rx refill needed for tonight b) Debbie is supposed to be working c) the handset battery on the phone is shot so has the call on conference.
8) R finally gets offically taken off of O2 and apnea monitor.
9) R decides he doesn't like his pulminologist and screams for every little thing like the stethiscope, the ear check.
10) R got so upset that he gagged and vomited (in his mothers quick hands) during the throat check.
11) The wait at the doctors took forever and we got home significantly after the nanny was supposed to leave.
12) Debbie anticipated a potential late return and picked up Max and took him with because we are running with one car right now meaning she had two kids in tow to wait forever and to manage all while trying to talk to the doctor.

If you guessed 12 true 0 false, you are a winner. Stress level is a tad high around here.

In other news, feel free to go vote for Ms. N*O*R*A...

Max's teacher talked me into entering her into a cutest baby contest. Speaking of N, I could probably do a whole post on her if I had the time and energy. Overall, she is doing great. She is now crawling and picking up speed. Standing, but hasn't mastered/figured out how to get back down. We have weaned her down to 2cc's/ml's of phenobarbital and go to 1cc/ml on Thursday. Some sensory stuff has started to surface along the weaning path. I'm so so so glad I fought and got OT started for N before the funding was cut and it didn't happen. Nothing to major...a lot of rocking and some difficulty falling asleep. OT has given good techniques that are helping.


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Care said...

Oh my Deb - you have your hands full between work and home. I hope things settle down sometime soon.

Laura in L.A. said...

Oh, Deb. Just reading about your new work schedule drained the life right out of me! Sending good thoughts your way.

Love, Laura