Monday, July 12, 2010

Burnt out

Have you ever been rush rush rush, then go on vacation and get sick once you finally have time to sit for a minute? That's about how I've been the last two years are catching up with me. I still can't get done everything I need to in a day. Work is WAY less stressful, but not without some stress. The kids are all basically fine. We are out of the turn over the dog/cat water bowl phase or drop dog food into water bowl for fun, or spin all the TP off the roll because it is fun phase. We are more into the climb up the toilet and turn on the water and use all the soap to "wash" and if it is Ms. N not turn it off and go wander off. :) Probably another year off, but I'm really looking forward to being out of diapers. I don't mind them per se, but Mr. R is a PITA to change. He makes it such a physical struggle every single time. It's exhausting and I wake up feeling tired most of the time. The dog has me/us out walking more. He's getting twice a days. Not as long as I would like at times, especially during the week, but better than none. With the old job, it would not have even been conceivable. Nothing major going on, yet lots of little things. Made Bee Feeders in Max's class today. Seeing him so excited and happy makes it all worth it. What is a Bee Feeder you ask? Pollen/Flowers from the garden glued on pine cones with honey. A take off of the Bird Feeder. An original Max idea/creation. All the kids loved it. Max started swimming lessons today of the official variety. Watching him affirmed for me that putting him in the early 5's instead of K was the way to go. He just doesn't follow direction well. N is starting to talk more. She was a major crabby girl this weekend which is quite out of character for her, but now is back to normal with the addition of a snot nose. R is R. Lovable, challenging, exhausting, utterly charming and smart as a whip. He's starting to talk so you can actually understand him. I'm hosting a summer SMC pool party this weekend. Had only a small family party for the twins last month for there b-day. May not have one at all for Max, but taking him to Disneyland for the first time for his big 5 birthday on his birthday next month. Trying to get at least one camping trip scheduled for the summer. Like I said, nothing big, just lots of little things.