Saturday, July 09, 2011


What I should be doing right now is washing the dishes and getting the house and yard ready for a party I'm hosting this afternoon as it is no way company ready, but alas, I think I'll enjoy a few more minutes of peace and quiet before the kids wake.

Clearly, I don't have the passion for keeping the blog updated. In part, that is because things just happen so fast right now that I'm too busy living a busy life and trying to enjoy my kids and work and keep up with things that there is no way to blog about it all and it seem too hard to try to just pick out a snippet.

However, we have had some big changes. The kids are growing up so darn fast. Becoming a mom, while probably one of the hardest and most time consuming, is the best thing I ever did.

In June, we took our first family vacation to spend 4 days at Legoland. On the way home, we swong by the peds for the twins 3 year old checkup. Stats are around here someplace, but all is basically well and growing nicely and doing great.

We have transitioned from having a nanny to the twins being in preschool. They just finished 3rd week yesterday. They LOVED it week one and were tired cranky pots when they got home. N cried and fought it week 2 and R was more hesitant and there were many rough mornings trying to get us ready and out. Everything seemed to settle in on week 3.

R is allegedly pee'ing and poo'ing in the potty at school, although he won't at home.

N will pee and poo in thepotty at home, although she won't at school.

Max is doing great. He just finished week 3 of a 4 week summer incoming K in the morning, then is being walked over to the preschool to finish the day. Originally, I wanted him at the elementary the whole day, but ...he broke his I decided to change things up, pull him out of summer basketball and keep him at the preschool. Arm is fine and been out of the cast for 2 weeks now. Reminds me, we have a follow up appointment this week to check it out. In the alls well that turns out well philosophy, he has been so happy to share his school with his brother and sister before he moves on and the teachers say he is so great with them and checking on them before he will play once he is walked over. And, I think it has helped the twins transition as well.

Things are settling in and changing. I can't say I make things easy on myself and even in summer it seems like the pace is too fast. Going into July we had a total of 3 days with no plans. We need more days with nothing better to do than just hang out in our swimsuits and swim and just be.

The first few years of the twins life were really hard and stressful and life can still be busy and hard and stressful, but I feel so blessed and like I have made it "to the other side" where I can (and do) have and make time to just enjoy life and the kids.