Sunday, July 05, 2009

Just because

There something a bit decadent and scandalous of imbibing while pumping almost ...shall we say...naked while watching a silly reality show (Ice Road Truckers).

Why? Just because. The bubbly has been in the fridge for ages and ages. It's a GOOD bottle too. Now, a big chocolate bar would have only put things over the top so probably a good thing I don't have one in the house.

R's climbing. N's crawling. Max is swimming.

Overall, a good weekend. A friend over on Friday. Some family and neighbors over on Saturday. Solo all day today. Sitting on the other side of the day, I can say that it really wasn't that bad. Although, we skipped church in favor of naps. And, no, there were no firework events planned or attended. Hey, it's past bedtime. There will be many years in the future for such festivities. Just not worth it right now when they are so young and I'm running solo.

Now, off to savor the bubbly. Just because it sounded good and is tasting even better.

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Care said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to end a good weekend!