Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where for art thou?

Working - First meeting of the day starts at 6:30 am local time. Last meeting of the day several nights a week 8 pm. It will suck even more next month when I and everyone else in my group/on my team does this for significantly less money as all of our job codes and salaries are being adjusted.

Family - Spending as much time in between with the kids, taking sick R to the peds to confirm yet another double ear infection and start antibiotics. Got into Max's classroom to make an "ocean in a bottle" which was a big hit and most kids wanted two. I'm psyching myself up to spend more time with all three of my children since I will likely have to cut the nannies hours/pay less in attempt to make up for some of the difference in my reduced pay.

Extended Family - I've had a fair amount of visitors/company with my sister and her family in town. my cousins husband who has already moved out for his new job, and now my cousin and her youngest who are here with a friend. The older kids are driving the cars out.

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Jenny H said...

Good grief you are one busy woman! If you ever have two nanoseconds, I'd love to know how to do an ocean in a bottle!