Monday, December 24, 2007

If I didn't know better

If I didn't have the conclusive beta data, I wouldn't know I'm pregnant. It's starting to make me a tad worried actually. Having been down this route before, I know that symptoms can come and go and all that, but still. Unless I start feeling a little more pregnant, I may have to call and beg for an u/s next week or at least another beta.

It's not that I haven't had any symptoms. When pregnant with Max, I had this aversion to anything touching my waist/belly in the first few months of pregnancy. I had that on and off on Friday, but not since. I haven't had any food aversions per se, although I have had distinct taste for things. Again, on Friday, I pulled into a local mall parking lot to get a tuna sandwich from a restaurant because it sounded so good (mall parking lot just a few days before Christmas for what amounts to no real good reason). I've felt a few tugs and tweak going on down there, but they have been few and far between. Yes, I have been tired, but I'm still going to sleep around 11 - 1 am and waking up around 4 every morning for no good reason* and am fighting off yet another cold (and thinking I'd be getting sick less often if I could just get a decent night sleep). Basically, any symptom I've had I can only attribute to being pregnant because the beta numbers said I was and if I didn't have that, I'd think I wasn't.

I remember vividly the Christmas eve when pregnant with Max. My sister hosted and it was a small affair. I felt so miserable, I basically just laid on her couch feeling miserable and the thought of even eating anything she worked so hard to prepare made me want to puke. And, I was having spotting and cramping and was terrified I was going to have another miscarriage.

I know, I know, I should count my blessing and all that because I'm feeling basically okay (if you don't count the cold and tired part), but I'd be happy with a nice strong symptom or two. They are nice and reassuring. Let me be more specific, I could do and live without any spotting and cramping, those are NOT the symptoms I'm looking for here. But, other nice symptoms like good ole fashioned morning sickness on and off, here and there, every now and again just to let me know that there is really something healthy and happily growing in the ute would be fine/nice/reassuring.

* Really, there is no good reason for this except my body has decided this is a good hour to awaken and start the day. Max is still sound asleep. The animals are quiet and not disturbing me one bit (until City knows I'm awake, and they he creeps right over to try to get as close to me as possible). I'm just irritatingly waking up early every morning for now good reason. I'm hoping when I get completely weaned from the dex this will stop. Yesterday was a dex day. Then, I'm not taking it for 3 whole days, then 4 whole days, then 4 days, then I'm done with the dex. Hip Hip Hooray.

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