Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I only have a few minutes as Max is awake in his crib. He's in there "practicing" for lack of a better word. He just cracks me up. Here is some of what I'm being treated.

I'm 4. I'm 4. I'm 4.

I boy. I boy.

My momma. My momma.

Our house. Our house. Our house.

Bye Bye Mimi.

Bye Bye Mimi's car.

Mimi's car. Momma's car. Mimi's car. Momma' car.

Bye Bye trash truck.

Up up up up, down down down down. Bye bye trash.

Then, I missed a bunch cause I needed to take Shadow out to pee. And, he's now singing his ABC, then something else I can't quite make out, and clapping.

Oh this kid of mine is funny. I especially laughed at the I'm 4. He must have heard someone say that and is trying it out. If someone asks, he still won't answer when asked how old he is. However, he did start telling them his name if they ask. And, the other funny thing about it is that it really did seem like he's practicing because he was saying everything so clearly to get his diction and pronunciation just right.

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