Monday, December 10, 2007

My Embryos

Being new to this whole ER/ET thing (since my response has always been so poor I never made it that far), I'm not sure, exactly, what this all means, but I think I can safely say the my embryos don't suck.

I've now listened to my voice message about the fertilization rate and talked to my coordinator about the embryo status yesterday at day 3. And, here is the detail in all it's glory.....

26 eggs were retrieved

18 eggs were M2 (highest level of maturity)
5 eggs were M1 (lower level of maturity)
3 eggs were GV (no idea what that means, but I'm assuming it isn't good since they didn't even try to fertilize them)

They fertilized the 18 M2's and the 5 M1's and 15 of the 23 fertilized. By my calculations, this is about a 65% fertilization rate, which is better than the 50% I had mentally planned base on the high number of eggs retrieved.

Yesterday, on day 3, I had the following....

Where I was told, anything over 7 - 8 cell is good; grade 1 is higher/better than grade 2; GES score is assigned by the embryologist and 100% is the best. I'm assuming the GES has to do with shape of cells and fragmentation and such.

2 - 7 cell, grade 1, 100%
1 - 8 cell, grade 1, 100%
1 - 8 cell, grade 2, 95%
1 - 9 cell, grade 1, 85%
2 - 9 cell, grade 2, 85%
8 - 10 cell, grade 2, 70 - 75%
4 - others with a GES between 40 - 45%
19? Since I only had 15 to start with, my notes are wrong on this. I'll see if I can get an update from my coordinator and edit. However, I know she said that none had died off and that all or almost all tested positive for the embryo marker test, which is good.

All and all, I'm happy with this status. There just may be a good chance this cycle will work and if not, it is just going to be bad luck of the draw on the one selected to transfer.

I'm starting to feel happy, excited, and scared all of a sudden.


Katrina said...

This sounds fabulous!! I am so excited for you!

Laura in L.A. said...

Hi Debbie, Cycle Pal Laura here! I think your fert. report sounds great! I am just learning about this 3-day, 5-day stuff. I never had more than 4 embies before! Tomorrow's our day! My transfer is supposed to be at 4:00, so I will be there around 3:30. What time is your transfer??

I am so excited. This is IT, for both of us, I know it! :):)

Drowned Girl said...

That sounds great!!

Care said...

Those numbers sound great! Sending you lots of sticky thoughts for your upcoming transfer.