Monday, December 17, 2007

"Don't worry, momma!"

Just a quick and much needed break from work and this big task I'm working on for work that despise is probably too strong of word, but don't like just doesn't seem adequate. I'm currently 17.9% complete and would love to be 25% before I fall asleep tonight.

For two times in two days, my son has told me "Don't worry, momma!" and came and gave me a big hug. Both of those times were when I was rushing him...on Sunday to get cleaned up and dressed for Sunday school when I was telling him to hurry so were weren't late and today so he would be ready for when my friend came to pick him up this morning to watch him because his nanny had a doctor appointment and I just couldn't miss even a half day of work today with how behind I am, needing to be out both Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for betas (which don't take long in and of themselves, but with commute time to clinic each way I loose about 2 - 3 hours each trip, and wanting to keep Friday as a vacation day. I guess my stress and anxiety was showing a bit and he'd rather see my calm, cool, and collected normal self.

Every time I start stressing about work or the cycle over the last few days, I can hear his little voice, see his bright smile, feel his hug, and take a deep breath and remind myself to relax.

Since I'm not playing the "Am I/Am I Not" game, much, anymore, I won't tell you that I've had heartburn, which I never ever get, the last two days. I did get mild heartburn later in my pregnancy with Max, but don't remember any until at least the 3rd trimester. I'm sure it means nothing.

And, I wasn't as restrained as I had planned to be, but I'll leave you wondering on whether I made up and ate another pot of meatballs or went for a big O last night.

I briefly thought about calling to beg for a beta today or just showing up to see if they would do it, but mostly it was to have a good excuse to stop working on this thing that I'm working of for work that I don't like. Within 24 hours, I may know (but truly would not know any earlier than that since my appointment time isn't until mid-afternoon PT), whether this cycle is a success or not. For the record, the answer is still maybe.

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