Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!! (edited)

From Santa with love. The gifts from his (other) Aunts and cousins are on the coffee table (opened Christmas eve) are waiting to be played.

Making breakfast (Max help. Max help too. Max make eggs too.)

From Aunt K and Nana, Max's first words this morning. "Want Jeep ride. That one." indicating above jeep that was charging in his bedroom overnight. Said Jeep could not remain in bedroom, but had to be brought in front of the tree, "closer to the ABCD's" to finish charging.

Exploring the gifts from Christamas eve. The Little People Airplane was a big hit.

Playing with his easel. We had a tiny altercation when he wanted to use the white board marker on the chalk board, but got that straightened out with only a mild tantrum.

It was a nice, mostly relaxing day. We missed church, ate and hung out most of the day, went to a friend for dinner and went down our local Christmas Tree Lane on the way home. Max melted down big time before bed and said he just needed to cry a bit. Two days in a row with no nap and all the holiday excitement did the poor boy in. He was given an opportunity to nap today, but was just too keyed up (and had a poo and had a scary crib incident where he got his leg locked in at a bad angle...thank goodness it didn't cause a break) to sleep.

ETA: The above pictures and commentary.
I hope all who celebrate are having a joyous day with loved ones.

I think I might have gotten the best and most needed present ever, a decent night sleep. I think I was asleep by 11 pm and didn't wake up (for good) until 7 am. I was up for a bit at 3:30 am because the winds were just awful and woke me up, then I let Shadow out to pee, but fell back asleep. I opened my eyes at 6:15 am, listened and the house was quiet and immediately fell back to sleep.

Max is still sleeping. He will almost have been asleep for 12 hours now (within a few minutes) so he is getting a good night sleep as well. Yahoo. My mom, who is in NJ for the holidays with my sister and family called yesterday morning at 6:15 am and the phone woke Max up. And, we were gone all day yesterday at another sisters so Max didn't get a nap.

Sleep is a good cure all for so many things. I'm sure we will both enjoy the day more now that we've had some.

Yesterday at my sisters was fine. Max had a wonderful time. I didn't have a bad time, but it was a bit weird because my sister was hosting an open house with a friend of hers, in part to defuse too much together time with her MIL and SIL who are here spending the first Christmas without her FIL. There were 4 other children under 6 (6, 5, 3, 1) there who are being raised by their day (didn't get his story), but the dad didn't bring any toys for the kids, mostly just watched the 1 year old, and left even before we did to spend the night with his girlfriend who was there with him (can't imagine not waking up on Christmas morning with my children, but again, don't know his story). Luckily, I brought "extra" toys so there were some to share, but I ended up spending the day watching all the children and ensuring sharing and the toys were treated respectfully. And, opening presents was odd, my BIL continued to entertain and my sister came in (after I told her is she wanted Max to open them there we better do it cause he was gong to start to loose it soon and we needed to think about packing it up).

Max got a big Jeep of his own from one of his Aunts and his nanna; a Fisher Price Airplane an d a Candyland game for his other aunt; Some Thomas trains/DVD's from a cousin; an Accordion from another cousin; a magnetic draw game from his other aunt; and a Feed The Dog game from his younger cousins. All in all, he loved them all and was a bit overwhelmed, especially since the 4 other children with no toys were there who wanted to touch it all, especially his new Jeep. Max maintained well, but it could have gone either way. Thank goodness my BIL came in and put together the Jeep for me. And, his mom and sister were there to help me get everything into the car and the pieces to everything together so they didn't get lost before we even got them home.

I hear Max up and talking so I'm going to go give him a nice bright "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" and I wish you all the same.

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