Monday, December 03, 2007

Shades of Beige

Tertia's got a post up over at So Close today about The politics of Beige. I'm not a big blog commenter in general since most of the time I'm reading while in bed lying down or while at work during some meeting that doesn't require my full attention and can multi-task enough to read and keep up with the conversation, but not write. However, her post reminded me of something that gets me all riled up and angry inside every time I need to shop for Max, enough to actually comment. In lue of my own post today, I figured I'd piggy back off that and share my comment since Max is awake and I'm out of town tomorrow and will spend the rest of the day and night getting ready. Probably some day, I will and should do my own post on this since it pisses me off so much, but alas...that time constraint.

My comment:
I'm with you and don't have any issues with the Dangerous Book For Boys. In fact, I think it is a great book and already have a copy for my son who is only 26 months. However, a little rant of my own if I may. The thing that really irks me is shopping for boys clothes and toys. At least where I live, you will find on average let's say 10 isles of clothes for girls and 2 racks for boys. Five shelves of boots for girls and you literally get only one choice (camouflage) for boys. I find this very annoying. I knew my son would love a little doll stroller, he got one last year for Easter, my choice was pink, pink, or pink. He got pink. He loved it so much that it was broken and in pieces by Halloween. When I went to get a replacement for him, the only choice was purple. I guess little boys aren't "supposed" to want to play with doll strollers. If I ever get the time and energy (ha ha ha), I would seriously start a champagne against children's manufacturers. Okay, so I'm ranting about basically the opposite of you. I'd LOVE to have been able to find a beige stroller. I don't have a problem that there are pink and purple ones. I do have a problem with the fact that very soon societal stereo types will kick in and HE will start labeling it a girl toy. And, why does every "boy" toy have to be violent. Why can't I get him some little "people"/action figures to play with his trains and cars that don't beat people up, aren't army, etc. I don't know. Maybe I'm looking and shopping in the wrong place, but I live in Los Angeles not in some rural place with only a small amount of commercialism. It just makes me sad, really. And, makes me really hate to shop for my son. Good thing I've got a sister and some good friends with boys a year or two older than my son and we score nice used clothes and toys on a regular basis so I can avoid it as much as possible. But, hey, I've been Christmas shopping recently and it got me riled up all over again.

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