Sunday, December 16, 2007

Divine Intervention?

Max is on an early wake up schedule this week. Ugh. At least, I got a solid nappy poo in this afternoon while Max napped.

Early this morning, we were reading a number of books one of which was a "picture" book that has a hundred or so pictures of him. He saw the one from his 2nd Birthday where we made and he was eating cupcakes. "Momma, Max want cupcakes. Momma, let's make cupcakes." With nothing better to do and hours yet before Sunday School. I said, okay, and we did. Yikes, cooking or baking with a toddler is a huge mess maker, but he had a great time. It was worth it. Said, while helping to stir the batter, mostly with his fingers....that kept making it to his mouth "Momma, I like cupcakes. I like chocolate." You should have seen the bathroom sink after a few ventures in for him to wash his hands.

Anyway, no way did we need a whole batch of cupcakes, so I took a bunch in to the Sunday school class even though we weren't on the schedule to bring snacks and had just brought them last week. Apparently, they were having a birthday party for Jesus and the cupcakes were the icing on the cake, so to speak. No one had signed up for snacks and the cupcakes were a huge hit. And, Max was so proud that he brought them and made them.

I just really felt like maybe there was a little divine intervention since we had absolutely no plans to make cupcakes or even bring a snack and yet it just seemed so right and so appropriate and the teachers were so happy. I had no idea they had a birthday planned. It was just a bit too perfect.

Oh, I love this little boy of mine who is growing so darn fast. And, oh, how I would love another. But, I've said that a time or million times or two.

Two days till beta, but whose counting. And, I haven't figured out the hour break down yet. I'll wait until Tuesday morning for that. And, my appointment isn't until really, really late in the day because it is much easier to get out in the afternoons for work since I work with so many East Coast folks. It is the last possible appointment time (3 pm) available to still get the result that day.


steinbockfrau said...

only 1 more day now!!!

I love it when serendipty happens like your cupcakes. Your boy sounds so sweet.

will be thinking of you as tomorrow nears!

rae said...

i can't wait to find out results of your beta. how could you have not peed on a stick yet. am i the only obsessive compulsive out there?
hugs to you,

LivelyDiva said...

I know this'll sound whacky, but I dreamed of you last nite. I'd stayed up late reading your blog and relating to a lot that you had to say b/c I'm becoming an SMC (16 wks. pregnant as of today), work at home, have a dog, having vivid dreams (maybe due to pregnancy), etc.

In my dream we met at a conference (possibly SMC-related) and were talking. I went to your room, and you sat on the bed and were visibly pregnant. I was asking you for tips on getting better organized (1 of my preoccupations in getting ready for my baby's arrival), and you showed me a folder that you'd arranged w/ several dividers. That's it - I woke up at that point.

I'm not psychic, but I sometimes get gut feelings. I don't know if this is one of those times, but I definitely saw you pregnant so I thought I'd share. :-)