Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just tired

I haven't been sleeping well. Fell asleep last night around 1 am today and was up at 5. Usually I can hang, but I'm sure the whole pregnancy thing is aiding and abetting the tiredness.

Just as I was about to go to lights out last night, Max woke up saying oww, oww, oww, my foot hurts and crying. and writhing in pain in my arms. He could walk on it. He would let me touch it and move it. It didn't look swollen. He didn't want any medicine (Tylenol). I didn't know what to do for him. After half an hour of that, when I was almost in tears because you could tell he was in so much pain, but I didn't know what to do for him. He didn't want a bath or to soak the foot or medicine or anything except to squirm in my arms crying and crying and crying. It didn't look tense like a charlie horse. I have not idea what was the problem except his right foot hurt him something fierce. It was really awful. I decided I was going to force him to take some Tylenol whether he liked it or not and if he was still so upset and in pain, I was going to call the peds on-call number or take him to ER (it was so bad, I actually considered it). I'm not sure it was the Tylenol itself or the running around the house to avoid me catching him that did the trick, but he cried for about 7 minutes 20 seconds more, then settled down. He was adamant about not going back to his crib and I didn't want to push it after him being so upset for so long, so I brought him to my bed for about 20 minutes of cuddle and relax time for us both to get over the trauma. He woke up fine and had no problems all day. He asked for medicine tonight before bed. I happily gave it to him. I actually think he is and has been going through a growth spurt and maybe getting aches and pains from that. Who knows sometimes?

I held my new camera, put batteries in, turned in on and off a few times and then set it on my office desk to long after for the rest of the day. I'm officially on vacation and left so much not done. I thought about working more tonight, but I'm just wiped out. I may go work a bit on my vacation although I've vowed not to, because I just don't think I can make the January dates without it, but am going to play it by ear. It's really good that I didn't have to go for my beta today. Then, this afternoon my new boss called and needed help on some things and wanted me to walk him through a few tools we use. How could I not? Exactly, I couldn't. Then, I got an assignment out of it that ate into another few hours of the afternoon, but since the assignment was to write my own performance review, it really was in my best interested. I actually liked doing it and think I did a good job, if I do say so myself, and I am, but that just meant I got less of my own work done and I'm still forever behind.

I absolutely must remember to stop by and pick up more meds tomorrow. I'm completely out of PIO and had to supplement tonight with a suppository. And, it's iffy on whether I have enough E2V for tomorrow night. I meant to call the pharmacy and see if they could ship it, but never got to it so must remember to pick it up tomorrow. I also meant to call Max's ped office to talk about last night. And, I meant to do a whole slew of other things that just didn't get done. My big plan for tomorrow was to pay bills and wrap some presents and that may not happen. Tomorrow night is girls night out with some friends. It's been on the calendar for awhile and I'm looking forward to it.

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