Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good sleep, weird dreams

Now that I'm finally weaned from the dex* I'm finally starting to sleep decent again. I never slept as good as I did when pregnant with Max and I've had that nice good, deep, restful sleep the last few nights in spite of the fact that he's been sick and I've been up with him a bit, because I will actually and have fallen back asleep. Ah, so nice. Even after a nice solid nap, I'm getting a good night sleep. Today, I didn't even hear the phone ring while napping. It's great. I'm not remember much of dreams, but when I'm getting woken up in the middle of one, I am. And, they've been kind of weird. Last night, I dreamt that I met the man of my dreams who was infertile, independently wealthy, ended being a sperm donor prior to his infertility, ended up running for president of the united states, and when we first met (in Philadelpia, which I'm pretty sure I have never been) we were sort of in a three some with an ex-friend/lover of his. And, that's just the highlights. I'll spare you the details.

* officially, I'm supposed to take one more dex on New Years day based on the wean calendar my coordinator and I came up with, but I'm not doing it. In fact, threw the dex away in the trash. I had been feeling so great and then got all edgy and really wanted to yell at Max to leave me alone so I could get work done (the other day when I was trying to pay bills and balance my accounts) and I decided enough was enough. I'm weaned enough. The stuff screws me up. And, I'm just not going to do it and you can't make me.

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