Saturday, December 22, 2007

Play Time

I finally got time to set up and play with my new camera. I love it. I got a bit worried that it was too much camera for me when I couldn't figure out how to attach the neck strap even after looking at the instructions. But, I discarded them, looked at the pieces on hand and was able to figure it out.

Max and I did nothing today, but hang out, watch TV (Wiggles and Sound of Music), cuddle, and make a mess in the house that I decided to leave until tomorrow so I could play with my camera and post pictures. The farthest Max got from the house was a few trips to the mailbox with me to put out more Christmas cards. I went a bit further to take Shadow out to do her business, but not much. He got a bath before bed. I stayed in my PJ's all day. It was nice. I even got a short nap in before the phone started ringing off the hook.

Anyway, the new camera feels great in my hands, is easy to use, and I think it takes great pictures. I'm going to make sure I test out the video feature tomorrow with Max so I can try to get some footage for Christmas/Christmas eve. And, I want to see if I can get a date/time stamp to appear on the pics. Not everyone likes that, but my memory is shot and probably going to get worse here soon, so I really like that feature.

Max was cute. He so wanted to touch the new camera. I gave him the old one to touch and play with instead. This worked for a bit, then he came over and nicely asked for a trade, and when I refused told me I needed to share. Just kidding about the sharing part. He actually through a bit of a fit when I told him he couldn't touch this camera and would never be allowed to touch this camera. However, he did bring up sharing during cuddle/lap time right before bed so it made me wonder if it was related or he's just trying to process the whole concept of sharing in general.

Anyway, here are some pictures from tonight. I think they speak for themselves.

And, note the slide in front of the TV/Entertainment center is not usually there. It's usual spot is in the guest bedroom during the winter and outside during the summer or nicer months, but Max has been wanting to move it around lately and asking for days to have it in front of the TV. Since it was a lazy day at home, I figured why not. He can actually get and does climb up onto the Entertainment center without it there. I used to worry more about this and do worry some, but you have to pick your battles and he is good about calling or letting me know when he's ready to get down so I usually let this go unless he starts taking out a DVD (that isn't the "Max CD" the play one that is the only one he is allowed to touch that is blank) or pushing down on the DVD window itself when it's open.

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