Friday, November 30, 2007

eye infection (edited)

It's not even 5:30 am yet and I'm already feeling tired, worn down and wishing I could just stay in bed and have a good cry today.

Here's the email I just sent to one of the RE's in my clinic:
I've had this cold/virus all week and woke up with crusties and a swollen eye this morning so somehow managed to get an eye infection out of this. I am in for an u/s and e2 check today at 1 pm since I have to be out of town next week just to check the lining because my e2 was low (basically sucked) earlier in the week. Is there any way I can just get a prescription from you today while I'm in so I don't have to try to get into my primary care doctor today as well (the thought of having to tell them "what medications are you currently taking" seems too much in addition to the pure logistics)? If not, while I can't imagine it being an issue right now I have to ask (because he will ask or want to talk to you/the clinic), is there any antibiotic cream or whatever they will prescribe that would interfere with the cycle or something that would be better than another? I'll call the office between 8:30 - 9 am in case you don't happen to be the early bird riser/email checker that I am so I know whether to call the PCP. Thanks! See you this afternoon. Deb

Since I have two employees retiring today with exit interviews first thing, a meeting with my new boss, the u/s e2 appointment, an acupuncture appointment (that will have to go if I don't get the prescription from the RE and may have to get canceled anyway depending on my stress level), and a desperate need to get groceries especially milk before heading in to the weekend all while really needing to actually get some work done.

Suffice it to say my stress level is HIGH today.

A stressed out, fat, hormone induced, cold/virus ridden buggery coughing woman with a swollen/read/weepy eye infection. Just what the world needs. Looking and feeling lovely over here today -- NOT.

I'd give in to the whole crying fit, but I'm sure it will just make things worse so I'll buck up, suck it up, and trudge on.

ETA: And, now it is raining. Wonderful. This may not be a problem in the rest of the world, but a little rain around here really screws everything up making traffic horrible and at least doubles travel time. And, I won't tell you that Max is awake (early) and in his crib singing songs to the Sound of Music and just sounding adorable because that will ruin the whole 'tone' of this post about how hard and awful and completely joyless my life is. Yesterday morning he also woke up early and was just laughing and laughing and laughing in his crib. I went to go get him early just so I could try to find out what he was so amused. As near as I can tell, it was because he had taken off his socks and thrown them overboard. He got really quiet again when the rain started. Taking it all in. I'll probably give him and myself another 10 minutes of alone time before going and freeing him for the day.

ETA: OMG, my son is so darn cute I can hardly stand it. Hard to have a completely sucky day with him in it. He's now singing "It's raining it's pouring. Can't get out of bed in the MORNING". LOL. In spite of it all, he has me laughing over here. Let me go get him and offically start our day.

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