Friday, November 16, 2007

Sushi in the tub

What? You've never eaten sushi in the tub? You should try it. It's really quite decedent. I would strongly recommend opening any packages of soy sauce prior to actually getting in the tub and having wet hands. Really, the soy in the tub didn't diminish the experience. I'm sure there is some sort of anti aging property in it or somethings. Not only did it reduce my hunger pains, my late night snack gave me two more opportunities to go into the kitchen to admire my earlier handiwork.

See the interesting things you can do and try when you don't need sleep like mere mortals.

For those who are saying....ah, yes, get that sushi in now because soon you will be pregnant and it's not recommended while pregnant...I tell you, it wasn't real was California rolls (the fake sushi that can be had anytime cause I'm not really into raw fish pregnant or otherwise) and I'm pretty sure the place I ordered it from uses imitation crab at, fake all around. And, the bath, the bath. Yes, well, assuming I make it to transfer, I'll probably abstain for baths for a bit, but no likely the entire pregnancy. I don't care what they belly is big enough I can easily keep it outside the water so I don't bake the kid.

Since Max went to bed late and had a broken nap, he should be waking extra early. Maybe even that 4 o'clock hour. Which means, I likely will be getting only 4 - 6 hours a sleep best case...if I can fall asleep within the next minute. Unless, I get a break and he sleeps in a bit, which could happen, just not very likely.

Sleep. Glorious sleep. How I miss thee.

ETA: It was 3. He woke at 3. Ugh! Actually, that is good for him because it is early enough that he will and did go back to sleep (and is just now starting to stir). But, me...oh my...not nearly enough. I'm pretty sure I did doze between 4:30 and 5:30 and again between 5:30 and 6:30, but it sure didn't feel restful. On the positive side though, I just took another dose of dex so I should perk back up again in a bit. :)

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