Friday, November 09, 2007

Ready, Set, Go

I'm only a few hours into vacation and am loving it already. It just feels like such relief. I ordered in (a gyro for tonight and lemon chicken for tomorrow night...yes, thinking ahead) from a local Greek place I like that delivers. Spent time playing with Max and looking at pictures and got him to bed late. Went to check on him after a nice warm relaxing bath and he was still awake with a bowel movement. So, I got him changed, cuddled and sang him a song or two, and here I am.

As I told a friend earlier today, being on vacation is very different post Max than pre Max. No cruise or tropical vacation. Heck, just the thought of travel puts my stomach in a knot and feels like torture rather than fun. But, I'm looking forward to it just the same. It's like I get to put down one of the balls I juggle as a part of life and get to focus on one less thing and the thing that brings me the least amount of joy these days (although it does pay the bills so not complaining too much) and allows me to spend more time with the thing that brings me the most amount of joy these spite of his independence, opinionated, you can't make me self.

Tonight, while Max was eating dinner, I got out my Styrofoam stretch cylinder and was stretching out my back, which has been tight and bothering me, and got me a scolding from my chiropractor last week with a promise to be better. I was just on the ground and settled when I hear this, Ready, Set, Go from Max. Good thing I looked up at Ready so I WAS ready to catch him as he hurled himself at me at top speed. So, we played ruff and tumble for awhile on the floor until he was ready to move on and then I got to stretch a bit. While Max was pretending he was a pro wrestler (without ever having seen or heard of pro wrestling), I was thinking that I should spend a lot of time over the next few weeks in ruff and tumble physical play with Max cause with any luck a month or so from now, it will be off limits with another baby growing in my tummy.

I'm not even on meds and I've started have weird dreams.

Good thing I took my calendar with me to my acupuncturist appointment with me today because I didn't realize I was also supposed to start dex tomorrow. Probably, I would have looked at the calendar and realized it. Probably. Now, I have a copy right in the bathroom with a pen near so I can mark things off as I go.

Ready, set, go - Vacation, here I am.

Ready, set, go - May tomorrow be the start of a successful cycle, giving me another biological child, if not another genetic one.

Ready, set, go - to bed since I have been up since about 1:30 last night for no good reason other than I woke up wired and couldn't fall back asleep.

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