Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'm tired. This time change has been harder on me than on Max. It's 7:30 and I'm ready for sleep. I'm already in bed (on the laptop). Max is chattering away in his room, reading a book I think. He's been into snowmen all year, but especially these last few months. I was in Target yesterday and they had one of the yard light ones on sale. I put it together last night after Max was in bed. He's loved it as much as I thought he would. It's in his room as a giant night light at the moment.

I got the DE contract back yesterday and read it this afternoon and it looks good. I have a review meeting with the lawyer tomorrow.

I got my protocol on Friday and talked with my coordinator today to schedule appointments and go through what meds I need. The pharmacy called and the meds will be delivered tomorrow. I also ran by her the fact that I'm planning on driving myself to and from tranfer, which she was fine with as long as I was on bed rest for 2 - 3 days. Where I said that I planned to take it easy and see if Noemi could work late until Max was in bed, but still work as I work from home and could do so from bed. I was expecting a little bit more push back, especially about the driving thing, but am glad that she was basically fine with it/my approach. There were also restrictions about refraining from strenuous exercise (not a problem sadly); alcohol and caffeine (already out of my diet anyway) so we are looking good to go.

I should have the donors calendar tomorrow. She already has her meds, at least enough to get her started.

I start lupron on Saturday.

Thursday, we have the full development assessment for Max. I find myself on and off getting a bit worried about it and then remind myself about how wonderful and amazing he is no matter what they say or don't say. I wasn't worried or nervous at all about the speech assessment. I am just a tad about this one, probably because I'm not as certain about his development as I am with his language.

Friday evening, I'm offically on vacation for two weeks. Boy, I can't wait. Work has been busy, in a good way, actually, but I'm ready for a break.

Saturday we are missing a local single mom's get together at a good friends house to go on a field trip with Max's school for a guided nature walk. I thought about driving so we could get back in time for nap, but know how much he would love to ride the school bus so we're going that route.

Sunday we have a birthday party in the afternoon and the normal church/Sunday school in the morning.

Monday, Max's music class was cancelled. Not sure what we will do. Maybe go to the zoo if the weather is cool enough as we haven't been in awhile/since last winter since the summers are just too hot to go.

Tuesday and Thursday I'll probably take him to school like normal. Wednesday, Noemi who is also on vacation is going to come with her sons who are visiting from Guatemala this year and her younger one is staying as a permanent resident. I know this makes her so happy. In the way of things, her car broke down. Started smoking and caught on fire yesterday when she was brining Max home from swim class last night. So, now she's down money she didn't expect to get the car fixed. I offered and she accepted paying her early this week.

Since her car was in the shop today, she took Max on the metro bus to the metro train to china town for lunch. He was very impressed and had a wonderful time. I offered and Noemi accepted a ride home, which was kind of a pain and almost an hour round trip, but I'm fine with or wouldn't have offered. As another example of how amazing my son is, when we were driving, he pointed out to us exactly where we would turn/would have turned to go to swimming class. He's only two. I think it is incredible that he is so aware of his surroundings that he knows and remembers this stuff. Many adults I know wouldn't remember directions like that.

Max has also been telling me all the things he likes....cookies and candy are on the top of the list along with snowmen. He was calling the snowman in his room today "snow". Hi snow! I like you!. :) On the way home from dropping off Noemi, we passed a football/baseball stadium. He pointed it out. Then told me he was a baseball player for Halloween to get candy and that he likes candy. :) Oh, he sure makes me laugh. He kept telling me to go "that way. That way, momma" where that way was any way but home. He kept working on his argument/strategy to find one that would work. It was funny. I've said it before, but he is going to give me a run for my money as he grows.

Anyway, there's a lot going on and will continue to be I think for the rest of this year. And, I'm tired so I'm going to go take my BCP (0nly a week or so left...maybe it was 9 or 10 days...have to go look at the calendar) before my last one. I'll have been on them for 2 full months (6 weeks of active pills) minus one day. I actually don't mind as I like being on them unlike most women. I'm hoping this cycle works and I can be pregnant instead. Much better and nicer actually.

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