Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick Again

Sick, Sick, Sick Again, my son is sick again, wearily, wearily, wearily, back to the peds we went.

Confirmed ear infection. Perked right back up after the first dose of meds, administered in the car before leaving the parking lot. Not how I really planned to spend Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, but what's a mom to do. When the alternative is a miserable, sick, whinny child for Thanksgiving when only the ER would be open. Yep, called quicker than you can blink and eye to get in. I'd like to say it was my awesome mommy intuition that diagnosed. However, even if you over look the classic mild fever after a week long cold, the "mommy, owie, ear owie" as Max pointed to his ear pretty much told the tale. I have to tell you, this having a kid who can talk and communicate is incredible, even if a good portion of the time you hear, "no, mm mm" as in "not happening and you can't make me".

When people ask me how I spent my vacation, taking care of my sick child will be the standard response. While 100% true, it only tells half the tale.

I'm so glad we ordered precooked, heat and serve meal that was picked up today supplemented by a few appetizers which are already made and we're going to supplement with a box of stove top stuffing and a few desserts that are already made. The only thing that needs to be done tomorrow really is cutting up a few veggies. I think we are all feeling tad weary and under the weather so it is nice to not have a lot of cooking and cleaning stress.

Didn't take the dex today and that has helped a lot, although taking it I think has helped me from getting the full blown cold/virus Max has had.

I woke up at 4 something am (after my 6 solid, uninterrupted hours of sleep), still a bit upset about the whole vet incident so I purged most of the remaining angst over the whole thing by writing a letter to my vet to send if she didn't call back today. She did call back, but I missed her call while dealing with sick boy so maybe we can connect on Friday. A combination of the writing purge and the call back even if we didn't talk has let me put the whole incident behind me. I still have a few things to say to the vet, but it will be not be coming from the emotional pool when we do.

Off to check laundry and head to bed. Had to wash my bath mats after a massive bleeder when doing my delestrogen shot last night. I was too slow on the draw as tired as I was and left a bloody mess. Sigh. It was a big ole mess. See, that's what I get for even thinking about not having bruises and bleeders the other day. Sure fire way to jinx yourself. Just talk, mention, or even think about the fact that it hasn't happened.

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