Thursday, November 08, 2007

Needless worry is exausting

The assessment went fine. She didn't walk in the door and exclaim I was an unfit mother; Max had severe problems; and how come I couldn't see all that. She was nice. I think she did start getting frustrated because Max was fairly uncooperative. I don't think I ever heard him say no so many times in a short period of time. As she said, you can't really get a 2 year old to kick a ball if he doesn't want to, and he didn't. He flat refused. He also refused to move anything with the little stick. Eventually, I think she got him to do everything else she needed, but it was tough and she had to work for it every single step of the way. He never was one to perform on command as he clearly reiterated today. She asked me if we were singing a song and I stopped if he would continue on with the next verse, which he can and will do, as well as sing almost entire songs himself. Today? Nope.

She is going to recommend services for his fine motor skills. She said rather than recommend one or two visits a week, she was going to recommend for an OT (?) assessment to determine that. She said that it wasn't that he couldn't do anything that he should. He could do everything. He was just a bit weak and shaky with it. She said that he compensated well, extremely well. But that it would be better for his writing once he hit school to be a bit stronger in his fine motor skills. Since talking to his pediatrician and doing a bit of research, this really didn't/doesn't surprise me. A small, itsy bitsy part of me was hoping that he would be rated as perfect in all areas, but ...come many of us are truly well balanced and well rounded in every area.

She said his left ankle/foot was also a bit stiff and she was going to recommend a few visits with a physical therapist to show me some stretching exercises for it.

The most praise, the most positive comment I got from her was that Max was really strong as he was demonstrating his ability to climb into his crib for her (not kicking the ball like she wanted him to do).

She wasn't negative by any means. She was just strictly business going down her checklist trying to get Max to do what she wanted instead of what he wanted, which was a bit painful for all of us. And, Shadow was being really nervous and pacing and agitated, which is so unlike her. It wasn't until later that it occurred to me that she was probably picking that up from me and that I'm not usually nervous so she was probably feeding off of me.

I'm glad its done. The next step is that she will do the report and send it in, then my coordinator will call to set up a review meeting to come by to discuss it all and set up services.

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