Friday, November 16, 2007

Riding the dex high

I'm not the worlds best sleeper in the best of circumstances, but put me on dex and things go down hill fast. The one plus is that I'm hyped, wired, revved up so I'm not dragging around or tired. Last night I got about 6 hours. The night before that around 4. And, this is with Tylenol PM to counter balance things. I've tried it without and it isn't pretty.

Tonight, after Max was asleep, I re-stained my kitchen cabinets. They look great. All nice and shiny and fresh looking. Probably, no one else would notice, but it is a significant improvement. I'm feeling all proud and accomplished. I hadn't actually planned to be so ambitious. I was only going to stain this pantry I had added probably about 5 years ago now that has been sitting there bare and naked for far too long. I did a coat earlier today and it went pretty fast so I decided I would re-stain the entire wall to blend things in a bit even though the stain was a good match. And, I just started and kept on going. Twice. Cause I did a second coat. Ha Ha. Looking good. Feeling proud. Do I know how to spend a Friday night or what?

On tap tomorrow or when ever time allows is putting some cork board up in the pantry door over the particle board. The hardest part of that for me will be cutting it properly to size. Then, I also got some paint to finally get to that "new" gate that has been sitting unprimed and painted for probably at least 3 years.

All projects that are good to get done prior to a pregnancy and infant in the house. Yes? Let's just call it early nesting. And, even if I don't end up pregnant, I've got a few long outstanding projects done.

When I was pregnant with Max, I had (almost) the entire interior of the house painted. It was a huge mess. Everything was tore apart. Closets and cabinets are still not back to how they were/I'd really like them in an ideal world. I swore I would never do such a thing again. That's why I'm getting estimates to have the wood floor in my room replaced (it's been buckled for years now) and the floors redone in the back half of the house. I'm getting estimates to have wood put in my office, Max's room, and the spare room which have old carpet that was in when I bought the house 12 years ago; and the hallway and guest bathroom tiled. It's really needed to be done for awhile and when I was re-financing for big expensive cycle that hopefully will work, I worked into the budget some of this home improvement. I like that carpet is nice and soft and comfortable to sit on, but I just don't see it as practicle with kids and dogs. Cause, my word, the amount of dirt that gets tracked in every day is amazing. I have white tile in the main house (here when I bought it and too expensive to change) and it is amazing when clean. And, the floors get done pretty much every weekday, they need it so much. I couldn't imagine with carpet. I shutter to think about it.

I dragged my sick child out shopping today. We weren't gone too long and he was rewarded with Jamba Juice, which made him incredibly happy. "Mama. Jamba Juice. I like it." said with a huge smile on his face. Needed supplies for my "projects" and Santa's getting (bought today) me some diamond earings. I splurged and bought myself a pair a few years ago and lost one of them when Max was about 6 months old. I've mourned the loss ever since. They're not top of the line, but I'm pleased with the size (1 carat total weight, 1/2 carat each), the price (big sale), and their certified. No, I don't think I'll be able to wait until Christmas to wear them now that they are in the house, but shhh, don't tell. I will put them out under the tree. Max got me new slippers. I like slippers. And, amazingly, they will match the Christmas PJ's I got.

The funniest thing that happened today was that Max had complete meltdowns, which are incredibly rare for him, TWICE today because he couldn't go for a ride in a jeep. I kid you not. We were out walking Shadow this morning and a jeep was parked at the curb on our route. I happened to point it out as I often do to things to keep Max headed in a forward direction. Things like, "Hey, Max, come look at this spider/spider web. It's huge." Or, "Max, here's a boat", a motorcycle or whatever I think will interest him enough to get him moving in the direction I want. Who knew that today, I would innocently point out a jeep and it would cause such upset in the life of a small sick boy (typed with humor)? What's a mom to do?

Me: I'm sorry Max. That's not our jeep. We don't have the keys. We can't get in it or drive it"

Max: (having full on melt down) Want drive the jeep. Wantta drive the jeep.

Me: Shall we go home and call Aunt K (since I didn't have the cell phone with me) and see if she will come and bring her jeep and give you a ride in it.

Max: Y-Y-Y-Yessss.

(about 30 minutes later at home)

Max: (out of the blue melts down all over again) Jeep. Jeep, Momma. Want to drive the jeep.

Me: Let's call Aunt K. Shall we.

Max: (tearful) Yes!

Thank goodness I actually know someone with a Jeep cause I'm not sure what I would have offered up otherwise and clearly he was not being deterred from this Jeep thing. And, I'm sure I haven't heard the last of it cause the kid has a memory that doesn't quit. I'm sure my sister was wondering what the heck as she was working and we just left a message with Max finishing up crying in the background agreeing with my message he wanted to ride in a Jeep.

Ah, got to keep a sense of humor about this whole parenting gig most of the time.

Other than my home improvement projects and taking care of sick Max. I've been reading this really interesting book. But, I'll have to save that for another time. I need to go admire my re-stain job one last time before attempting to relax enough to sleep tonight.

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