Friday, November 02, 2007

Can't make me

Max, instead of napping today, took off his blanket, all of his clothes, including his diaper and peed all over everything or so I was told by a reliable source, his nanny. Needless to say, he went to bed early tonight and was out like a light. He did that a few weekends ago, except it wasn't just pee that got everywhere. I was hoping it was a one time wonder, but figured it likely wasn't.

Got my protocol this afternoon. Looks reasonable. I have a few questions and need to figure out what meds I have and what meds I need. I'll call on Monday (as requested) to set up my appointments.

I got chastised by my chiroprator and I vowed to be better about stretching and doing the things I should to keep my back from rouding and tighing up so badly that it can't even be adjusted. And, vowed to get back in this month. (Note to self, remember to set up appointment) Then, worked a bit, had an accupuncture appointment, got groceries, came home to my tired boy and tried to work some more.

Tired children wouldn't be so bad...okay, I shouldn't generalize...Max wouldn't be so bad when he's tired, except he forgets he ever knew how to listen and starts bouncing off the walls.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We have very few social plans. I think we need the down time. I know I do and therefor, so must Max.

Oh, and Max told Noemi that he didn't nap because Mini was scary. She didn't get it and thought it might be from the "witch" in the Little Einstien Hansel and Gretel. I tried to explain it to her, but don't think she got it from either of us. He woke up this morning talking about it and the trains and kept taking my hand and walking me to the door saying he wanted to go ride the cho cho trains.

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