Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nothing and Nowhere

me to take him someplace, which is rare for him. It was actually a nice day and I think both needed the down time. I got a bit of gardening done; a nice dinner made for last night, a dinner prepared that just needs to be cooked for tonight, and a steak marinating for later in the week. But, mostly we just hung out and "watched Max" on the TV. We probably saw his first Birthday party 30 times. We played on Yesterday was one of the rare days since Max was born that we basically did nothing and went no where. I saw the pool guy when I took Shadow out to potty. And, my mom stopped by unexpectedly around dinner time (conveniently) on the way back from my sisters. Max didn't even leave the parameter of the house. He didn't even ask, beg, pull, or otherwise try to inscent me to take him someplace, which is rare. We played on Momma's bed and the computer. We played with blocks. We got out the slip in slide and I got the fountain cleaned from the windstorms and filled with water and working again. He played with trains while I was in the kitchen. I stayed off the computer all day, which was nice, except to supervise and help Max go to and "refresh" the Wiggles and play with the "Star" (Baby Shapes) game we have loaded. Luckily, I had bought a magazine on impulse at the grocery the day before, which I almost never do, to keep me a bit entertained after the 10 viewing of "Max Birthday". We won't get another such day again for awhile, and that's fine, but it sure was nice.

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