Saturday, November 17, 2007

Snowmen and Jeep Rides


Max has really been into snowmen for awhile now. Maybe since summer. But, tis the season (around here at least :), and he's loving it. We haven't done much this week since he's been sick, but hang around the house. Here is one of 'his' projects. He loved mixing and making them. Wouldn't even hear of eating them.

This week has really been great, in spite of Max being sick. It has made me realize how little time we usually have to just hang around, do nothing, and 'be'. I think we are both enjoying it. He spent the second half of his nap the last two days sleeping in my arms in the rocker after waking up coughing and crying. Since I knew he needed more sleep, I just slowed down, put all those projects, things I 'could' be doing, want to get done, and just cleared my mind and held my boy. It's been at least since I stopped breastfeeding him at 7 months since he's slept in my arms. It really has been nice.

I've asked him if he's wanted to go do go see the trains, the park, walk the doggy. He's liked the idea, but hasn't really wanted to get ready so we haven't done much. The only thing he really, really, wanted to do today was go on a Jeep drive.

Jeep Rides

This is so cool!
Will you stop with the pictures already? Please, let's go.
Let's GO!
Aunt K came through. God, he was so happy. Laughing and shouting "Faster, Faster". K's Jeep is her pride and joy. She drove 40 - 45 minutes one way to come and spend an hour or so letting him play in it and then going to lunch. Max had us both laughing when we pulled back in the drive way and said "Nice ride". Oh, that boy of mine. His expression in these pictures don't do justice to the extreme joy he had seeing, touching, and driving in the jeep. I know she was so happy she made the effort when she saw and heard Max's excitement.

Of course, since the car seat was out of the car, it had to get a total cleaning prior to going back in my car. It was disgustingly filthy. I don't care what the car seat instructions said, that cover had to go through the washing machine (on hand wash) and drier (on air fluff/low). The activity I was in the middle of when Mr. Max woke crying from his nap asking for his momma. It waited. It got done. After I held my little boy who is growing so darn fast.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Sound of Music. He did get bored with a few parts, but over all loved it. Maybe partly because I've sung him some of the songs since he was a baby. He thought it was hilarious when they all fell out of the boat and wanted to see that again.

Nice day.

And, damn. The paint is now dry on my third primer coat on the gate project and ready for prime time paint. I really dislike all parts of painting and will be glad when this project is done. Since it is spray paint, I really think 3 more coats. I can get one more in tonight. Now. Then, maybe first thing in the morning and then again at nap time. But, most likely not until tomorrow night (one at nap time and one after bedtime).

ETA: Probably the funniest thing about the whole Jeep ride itself was after we had pulled into the parking lot for the restaurant, two women who were probably at least in their 60's if not older, came up with big smiles and commented on what a picture we made and how Max was just glowing with happiness and how great for us for zipping him around in a Jeep.

I'd really love to know and understand how my son's mind worked sometimes. As my sister said, the entire desire to ride in a Jeep and to get upset because he couldn't was just so random. I mean, I'm fine with going with the flow. It's kind of just funny that he saw a Jeep parked on the street the other day and just knew he wanted to ride in one. He does have an old army jeep plastic toy that is now missing one wheel that he plays with a lot in the tub that has been around the house forever/years before Max ever entered the picture. Maybe that combined with seeing the Jeep and not feeling well, just all boiled up. And, it was really great that my sister actually has a Jeep (which I may have mentioned to Max in the past, but not anytime recently) who was willing to go out of her way to humor my son. Certainly, he would have been fine had we not been able to arrange such and outing, but it sure is great to so meet your child's expectations and to see him so happy. If you could have heard the laughter and seen the smiles and excitement.

Two more coats of paint applied tonight so I think only one more during the day/daylight should do it. Hallelujah! Clearly, I have not been doing enough squats and my wrist and pointer finger are so sore. Also, did on-line grocery shopping to be delivered tomorrow during nap time. Sadly, they didn't have any paint brushes as well. However, being single, it is really hard to often get out to get the groceries you need, so it is really great that they now have this online grocery thing and it is so easy and convient to use. I can "shop" after Max has gone to bed and receive the groceries the next day when I'll be home during nap time anyway. So worth it. Shipping is only about $10, but I ended up getting free delivery about 1/2 the time because of promotions or discounts.

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