Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Today is Wednesday, which means my mom was here for her weekly visit and dinner. I grilled a nice flank steak that has been marinating since the weekend, pesto pasta, grilled onions and mushrooms, and a green salad. I was cleaning the kitchen while my mom was watching Max in the shower/tub. And, I was thinking how nice it was that Max was getting bigger and I could trust her a bit more with him. When I popped my head in to check in things, Max was jumping up and down in the tub. Sigh. I wonder how she can't see/realize that is dangerous and can result in serious injury. Of course, I tell Max to knock it off and that he knows better than to jump in the tub because it is dangerous. He tells me "Momma, dancing. I'm dancing, not jumping". I only laughed on the inside (I'm pretty sure) and told him he had better sit down now or I was taking him out of the tub. As he knows that's not an idol threat since we've been down this road before, he got his butt down pretty quick.

As good as said son was sleeping last month, he has been sleeping the opposite of that this week since the time change. He's waking up a few times a night. Not napping well. Waking up early.
He woke at 4:30 this morning and resettled until about 5:30 after I called out that it was still night time and to go back to sleep, but the damage was done and I was awake. Today for his nap, he jumped around his crib, tore up book, undressed himself, sang songs, and generally played for two hours before finally falling asleep, then woke up after 90 minutes hard and fussy.

Needless to say since he's short on sleep, he's not listening well, hyper, and somewhat ill mannered. He got put in the crib early tonight after giving Shadow a full body slam after repeatedly being told he could not hit her, kick her, could not climb all over her and needed to be gentle when hug her. He was slightly less "physical" with me, but oh my, was he being a little stinker. Let's hope we both have a better night sleep tonight.

In cycle news, I got my donors calendar and reviewed/approved it. I got my meds and had my nurse coordinator laughing when I called to confirm that the Lupron was sub-Q and reminded her that I dislike sub-Q (even though it is a smaller needle) because I'm afraid the meds will just get lost in the fat and not get absorbed and distributed. I reviewed the changes to the contract and my lawyer and I agreed that a minor wording change around the extra donor medical insurance purchased by the agency since I hadn't and wont see or have reviewed a copy of the policy. He has a faxed copy of my signature and the full initialed and signed original went out with todays mail. Lupron starts Saturday morning.

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rae said...

i'm so excited that you are starting your cycle. i just got my first positive beta and i'm waiting
patiently for my second. i should get the call any minute. anyway, i'm very excited for you. i'm gonna keep tabs on you.