Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Nice day here. Pre-cooked, heat and serve meal from Gelsons was the way to go. Everyone, except Max and I, got a nap. Max played nicely in his crib during nap time, but was too excited with the company and the promise of another Jeep ride. When I went in and asked him if he was ready to get up he said "YES! JEEP RIDE" that had my cousin laughing from two rooms away. My sister is staying the night and the car seat is still in her car so I bet he gets one more before she goes. :) He's feeling a lot better, but still battling a cough and congestion. And, I'm also now battling a cough, but not feeling too badly. I only got mildly annoyed once with my cousin when she shouted for her daughter, who was across the house, to come and change the channel for her in the room she was in so she didn't have to get out of bed and once with my mom who called me in from the other room to change the TV channel, but all and all a very pleasant, low key holiday. My cousin said her favorite, least stressful Thanksgiving ever. We have another few low key days planned so it should be nice. As I told my cousin, the only thing I really wanted to get done tomorrow was the floors that I wanted to get done before she even got here and never did, They are just so dirty and gross and I can't take it. I asked for her to take both the kids for an hour or so in the morning so I could do them or I could take the kids out and she could do them. I think she wants to do some shopping so will likely do that with them while I clean up, which is fine.

Cycle wise, just cruising. Today was just a dex, lupron, folic acid day. So, two pills and one small shot. Nothing to it. I'm just double checking the schedule regularly to make sure I don't miss anything or do something stupid. Plus, now have to remember to give Max meds twice a day in addition to all the meds I already give Shadow. Doesn't seem like it should be hard, but ... sadly, it is.

One of the books I got for Max recently was called, The Night Before Thanksgiving. It was the best $4 I've spent in a long time. I've read it over and over and over to Max this week. He calls it the "eating book. Momma, read the eating book." Yes, good to know after the holiday is over. I know.

Anyway, the day was just the way I think a holiday should be. Fun. Filled with family. Relaxing and relatively stress free.

I know I lead a sad, boring existence, but I even got out of the house for a bit after Max was asleep while my cousin and I ran to the drug store (my sister watched the kids) because I decided I needed a humidifier and Vicks Vapo Steam for my room too tonight. It happens so rarely. I told my cousin it is kind of freeing.

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