Friday, November 02, 2007

Decision Time

I have two weeks of vacation coming up so that Noemi, Max's nanny can have her vacation. The week before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving week. The original plan was for me to go to Arizona for the holiday, but that got messed up awhile ago with my cousins husband loosing his job and then found out that my sister was going out of town which would leave my mom alone for the holiday. Also, I have my first u/s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for the cycle.

Then, I was going to go the week before for at least a few days, but they weren't sure they were going to be in AZ and the tickets never got bought and things got scheduled here. And, she wanted to try to schedule the trip when her husband was there for some reason, but that wasn't working out. And, her daughter would be in school during the "prime" hours for Max. And, I find it very hard to travel with Max mostly because of the lack of sleep involved for me and how much harder it is to parent a tired child out of their routine. He's not awful, but it is harder. And, I have to arrange for care for the dog and cat while gone.

Plus, I'll be on Lupron and having to travel with the calendar and the drugs on top of everything else.

When you add it all together it just doesn't feel much like a vacation even though Max would probably love it. I know plenty of people have and do travel with small children just fine. I say good for them. I'm just not one of those people. I'm perfectly happy to vacation at home. To stay at home, in routine most of the time.

When airfare was too high, I thought about driving, briefly, but kept getting more stressed just thinking about it. Then, we talked about my cousin coming here, but they decided they didn't want to travel since her husband would only be in town for a short period of time.

The long and the short of it is, I'm not going anywhere for the vacation and I'm exceedingly happy about that (if feeling slight, but not too much guilt). I'll just get to pretend that I'm a stay at home mom and take Max to all of his activities that I never get to do while keeping him in his routine the first week. Then, getting to visit with family and break up routine the second week. I'm really looking forward to it.

A week from Monday. I can't wait. I felt such relief to not have an out of town obligation. To not have to travel.

I also decided to not try to go to acupuncture while off and that I may just try to take Max with me to my u/s appointment rather than trying to get care for him. That will work great if I can get an early appointment. I'll know on Monday.

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