Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm 9w5d today. I was 9w4d yesterday when I had my first OB. All three were measuring 9w6d with good CRL and heartbeats. OB and I had a good talk. Of course, she approves of SR with the same philosophy as I have that you have to look at it helping two to survive (as hard of decision as it is). With my history, she felt it was likely I would not make it to 20 weeks with 3. She didn't give me a stat with twins, but agreed that the risk was manageable at this point because while I was dilated/effaced early at 34 weeks (the first time she checked) I didn't actually go into labor until she broke my water. I'll get an u/s at every visit. I'll see her and a peri both once a month for awhile until further along and then frequency would increase depending on need/situation. There is a 60% chance I'll need a c-section if one or both babies are breech which I'm not thrilled with at the moment as would rather go vaginal, but it will be what it will be and that's a long way off right now so no sense worrying about it now. After all, I may change my mind by then. At one point, when we were talking about 3, she made the comment that you can't talk to folks about that to which I agreed. I didn't have the heart to tell her the comment that someone in her own office made about it. Not that I would have a problem doing so, I just wanted to take the conversation in a different direction and make the most of the time I had.

I was having a fitful sleep most of the night with a very strange dream when I finally woke up and realized I had terrible heartburn. Taken some Tums and drank some milk and sitting up has helped some. I'm in a food is not my friend mode where the thought of it turns my stomach and the best I could do for lunch and dinner yesterday were crackers on the way home from the OB's yesterday afternoon and still had a puke fest before putting Max down.

Speaking of Max, he woke up and was calling for me about 30 minutes ago. After giving him time to settle, I went to check on him and was told "Monsters. I okay". I asked him if he dreamt of monsters, but he's okay. He said, yes. Then, I gave him a fresh diaper and cuddled with him for a few minutes. And, then he scrambled off my lap and said "I climb in crib". In possible not the smartest move on my part, I've been showing him how to (safely) climb into his crib. With what I have coming up in February, I'm not supposed to lift him half the month. As a single mom, that is just completely unrealistic, but this is one attempt to minimize it.

Shadow is doing very well. I haven't carried her since early yesterday morning when I took her to the flower bed which was closest and she made her way to the grass to do her business. Last night, I took her out front to see how she would do thinking she would just get to the top of the grass and not only did she go down to the front to check out the pee mail from the other dogs, she went over to the neighbors yard to do her business when I called her back up. Tonight, she made it even a bit further. In both cases, she was very happy. She much prefer to "go" out front.

I also took her out front about mid day before I left for my OB and ended up talking to the neighbor directly behind me. Not only is she fine if I built up, her husband (pretty sure they aren't officially married, but have to be common law spouses by now) has researched building on and up extensively. This is excellent news on many fronts and could likely save me lots of research time. Plus, I think I need to have permission from all of my neighbors to build up and want to at least discuss it with them/feel them out before I go to the expense of getting an architect out to draw things up. Now, I just need to check with the rest of them at some point soon.

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tripntwinmom said...

It is so nice to read that you are at peace with the SR. That is so healthy. You are just chugging along there, aren't you!