Sunday, January 06, 2008

"My" Present

We just finished with Christmas, right? Lots of presents to be opened, etc. Max opened zero, zip, nadda himself. Just wasn't that interested. Happy to play with each thing that was opened without a care that there were more. It took a long, long time to get the presents all opened.

I'm showering this morning before heading to church/Sunday school. Then, a party for my friend with twins. I had left the presents sitting by the front door ready to grab on our way out. Max decided now was the time to get in the swing of opening presents. He got the wrapping paper off; the plastic wrap off; and was ready to tear it out of the box before I could get to him and save it.

He kept calling it "his" present and wanted to know where it was when I re-wrapped it. Was very concerned with where the presents were at all times, even after they had been handed off to the birthday children with a happy birthday wish.

Ah well, so H got a slightly used present. :) And, I had been so impressed with myself for getting them wrapped early. The best of plans....

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