Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh, mommy and more

The lights were off. I was in bed ready to fall asleep too early when I heard Max, who'd been in his crib for well over and hour and who I thought was asleep saying something. I thought about ignoring it, but got out of bed to go into my bathroom to hear what he was saying. He was saying he wanted to go 'pee pee in the potty. oh mommy, I go pee pee in the potty". Again, I thought about ignoring it, but decided I had better go check it out. He had his PJ bottoms and diaper off and was half naked. So, I got him out of the crib, he ran into the bathroom and went pee pee on the potty, was very proud of himself, and let me put another diaper and his pants back on and telling me "I'm tired. Want to take a nap". Good thing I did go check it out otherwise I would have been changing bedding in the middle of the night and with the crib tent on, it's not the easiest thing.

Other funnies from the night..."Oh, Deb-y, Deb-y, Oh, Deb-y". Alternated with "Oh, mommy, Oh, Mommy". He's starting to get that I have more than one name. He asked me where the Christmas lights were and asked me to "put the Christmas lights back together, mommy". Then, he wanted to watch Santa Clause. He still asks often where the Christmas tree is.

I'm feeling slightly better today and not as horrible as I have been tonight. Not great, but better. Yesterday was awful hard and I felt horrible all day with after days of feeling worse and worse. I actually had a blog entry all written in my head titled "Angry and Resentful". It may still get written at some point, but I had a good night sleep (with another weird dream...about how my dentist gave me a scooter to zip around town in except it wasn't anything like my IRL dentist who is a bit older than me, female, with two grown kids...this dentist was a young hottie. And, I'm afraid of motorcycles and have never even sat on one before let alone driven one.) and was able to eat something small every few hours (mostly peanut butter toast) so I didn't really start feeling bad until evening and even that wasn't as bad as it has been.

I made calls today. Called both docs offices. I guess scheduling SR consults isn't as easy as I thought so good thing I got around to doing it.

The first place I gave a bunch of information some of which I thought was a tad weird like height and weight (only shaved 10 lbs off, couldn't help myself), if I had ever had an abortion, and how many pregnancies I had had, and my type of insurance. Oddly, I was not asked how many I was carrying and what I wanted to reduce to. That doc apparently is only in the office on Wednesday and Thursday, will not get the message until then, and will decide if he sees me or not. If I haven't heard from them by next Friday, I should call and see if the doc will grace me with a consult. I wasn't that impressed and will not be surprised if he will not see me because of my weight. I guess his stats are so good because he cherry picks his cases.

The second place was friendlier, but same drill. The person took a lot of information, but more normal questions like my age, how far along I was, who referred me, how many I was pregnant with and what I wanted to reduce to, (after saying triplets and previously had given my age) did you use donor eggs (ah, yes), how many pregnancies, children, how far along was I on my m/c, etc. I was told the doctor would call me back, maybe even today yet. I didn't hear back yet.

I also called my OB's office, but forgot they close early on Friday afternoons.

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Care said...

I don't like offices that pick and choose who they will best support their statistics! I hope you can get the consults scheduled soon.

I wish my two youngest would let me know if they need to go in the middle of the night. E still wears the overnight style pullups, even at a few months away from 7. Even then, he still soaks through them a few times a month. And C will usually once a week or so wake up sobbing - after he has already wet the bed. Although I don't have to wrestle with a crib tent though, so not quite so bad for those middle of the night bed changes.