Monday, January 07, 2008

Get what you ask for...

Sometimes, you get what you ask for. Or, maybe I should call this jinx 2.

I vaguely recall mentioning that my stomach had been getting increasingly sour and nauseous and remembering my pregnancy with Max (rather fondly) where I was more apt to puke. Well, let the puking begin...

I've been gagging, drive heaving a bit and close on and off all weekend. Nauseous enough that I've only been eating small bits at a time and my prenatals have just sat there untouched because the thought of taking them made my stomach churn and sucking on preggo pops, which Max thinks are cough drops and wants to keep knowing "what's in your mouth. Give it to me. Share momma".

But it was teeth brushing a bit ago that finally put me over the edge. I'm sure I should have re-brushed, but haven't. And, horrible as the whole vomit thing is in the moment. I have to say, I am feeling remarkably better at the moment. We will see what a little more sleep (hopefully) and the morning will bring.

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