Friday, January 18, 2008

Vomit, Puke, Barf

Any one else see the irony in trying not to puke up anti-nausea medication?

I've been puking more, but overall (not counting tonight) nauseous less. The thing I find odd about pregnancy puke, at least for me, is that most often it isn't puking up the entire contents of my stomach. I could have just eaten something, then barf, but only liquid or acid comes up. Not always, but often. Just seems odd to me.

I was told my progesterone number was high enough that I could stop all meds tonight. I didn't think I was mentally ready earlier today, but I think I am tonight just a few short hours later. However, I did a quick search to make sure that the placenta really is supposed to pick up p4 production by 8 weeks and it does. However, I read something else of the side affects of progesterone is a runny nose. I had never heard/read this before. But, I guess it explains why with both of my pregnancies (the ones that didn't end early that is) I have a runny, drippy nose. The rest of the time, my progesterone is so low it isn't an issue. The runny nose wouldn't be so bad except for often it is that which causes the gagging, nausea, and barfing. If my nose is dry, I feel better overall and won't vomit or barf. Isn't that interesting? Hmm, well, maybe it is just me that finds things like that interesting.

The benadryl and anti-nausea did the trick and I'm feeling tons better, just very, very, very tired.

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tripntwinmom said...

So sorry to hear that you are throwing up. I do hope that things subside and you start to feel better. It is tough to take take of a little one while feeling so lousy. (((HUGS)))