Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Sleep Cycle

I'm starting to get myself into a bad sleep cycle here. I'm just so tired at the end of the day that all I can do is get Max to bed, take the dog out, feed the animals, load/start the dishwasher (if needed), and head to bed. I think I've been to bed by 8:30 pm the last few nights. Since I'm going to bed so early, I'm waking up early, thus making me even more tired by the end of the day. Ah well, maybe I'll get a nap in this weekend (ha ha ha ha, me laughing because it is a fond dream that rarely gets to happen) and I can reset the cycle a bit.

The other thing I noticed is that my circulation seems to be off. I've been getting really, really cold, especially at night before bed. So cold, I don't think I can get warm, and end up taking a warm/hot bath to get the circulation going to warm me up. Haven't dug out any of the pregnancy books yet, but think maybe thinning blood or something?

The other odd thing I've noticed is that I'm getting a lot of drippy nose, drainage that is makes me start coughing, coughing easily leads to gagging, and gagging can lead to vomiting if not brought under control. Sucking on a cough drop can help or a preggo pop, but I get tired of that and Max has taken to demanding "What's in your mouth?" and if it's anything but teeth, tongue, gums, throat, and lips, telling me that the "cough drop is HIS and he wants it", which is quite amusing most of the time.

And, I had another odd dream last night. I was fostering a dolphin (instead of an older golden retriever dog) who didn't need water and we went on a trip to my cousins together. Very strange.

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