Thursday, January 17, 2008

A, B, C

A = HR 169 BPM CRL-1.45cm 7w6d
B = HR 178 BPM CRL -1.64cm 8w0d
C = HR 178 BPM CRL -1.73cm 8w1d

Today = 8w0d

Had u/s a day early because 1) I like to mix things up and the element of surprise and 2) I decided not to move sperm back to the bank because I found someplace that will store both sperm and frozen embryos (although I still need to get it all set up and organized) 3) Max has his first PT appointment tomorrow that I would miss unless I moved it.

Finally finished phase 1 of that big project I was working on only 3 days late and am on to phase 2. What a relief.

I've been feeling a bit better. I actually wondered if they all had died off earlier today because things had improved so much over the last few days. I still asked for and received a script for anti-nausea because I'm sure that things are going to go bad again at some point.

When they saw all three still and how strong they said now on to the next phase and I laughed and said, well, it's all ready set up, then they laughed.

Must go tend to the kid who is crying instead of sleeping.

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