Monday, January 14, 2008

Highlights and Lowlights


Talking to my neighbor about my plumbing problem and having him tell me what he thought I could do so I could turn the water to my entire house back on until a plumber could come out. It worked, at least so far.

Talking to a plumber recommended by another neighbor who told me what he thought the problem was and what I should/could do so that I didn't loose the toilet in my room until a plumber could come out. It worked at least so far.

Keeping half an English muffin with light peanut butter on it and half a glass of milk down, at least so far.

Getting a hold of the pharmacy (after several calls and a left message that wasn't returned until I called back and was on the line with someone else) and having them send me more PIO for only $8 for shipping since there is just no way I can make the trip this week. I actually have no idea how much the entire order was at this point.

Almost making it to 80% complete on this work project that was due last Friday.

Finally talking to one of the SR docs, who seemed nice enough, is sending me information, and answered all of the questions I had at the time (I've since thought of a few more). And, gave me a recommendation/referral to CVS doctor. And, told me which weeks all of this stuff is supposed to happen in/by.


Having my bathroom, half my bedroom including both closets, the entry way into my house, and into my family room flood. This is a good 1/3 of my entire house.

Calling three different plumbing companies none of which had plumbers available in the next 24 hours, unless I wanted to pay triple rate -- NOT.

Noemi trying to tell me my house was flooded while I'm finally on the phone with the SR doc and while Max was screaming from his crib that he wanted to get up and wasn't going to take a nap today.

Extreme nausea and barfing on and off all afternoon in a house that did not have running water at the time and getting it in my hair.

Finally calling my OB's office for my first prenatal appointment and having to listen to the fact that whoever answered the phone was the grandmother of 15 year old triplets and how everyone needs to do what they need to do, but she couldn't imagine life without one of them and "which one you would choose". Great. Needed that today. NOT. And, trying to convince them that I did not need to see Dr. P urgently or this week, but I did have a few questions for her and could I get a quick phone consult. I was told the email her, which I did. First appointment is 1/31 in the afternoon.

Calling 3 different people, not getting a hold of any of them, left messages (in once case for the second time) to get services set up for Max now that funding has been approved. On top of waiting for the plumber, the OB's office, and the pharmacy to call back...all of which eventually did, but not until after 5 pm.

I'd cry my eyes out at the moment if I thought it would help. I'd take a nice warm relaxing bath if I didn't have this pluming problem and was advised by the plumber to minimize water usage (no baths, dishwasher, or washing machine). I'd eat the rest of this English muffin and drink the rest of this milk if I wasn't pretty sure I'd barf it all back up.

Instead, I guess I'll see if I can find something mindless to zone out with on the TV and hope that tomorrow is a better day. Or, maybe I'll just do my PIO shot, got to bed, and call it a day.


Laura in L.A. said...

Gee whiz, Debbie, what's next-- a plague of locusts?!?! The Universe needs to give you a BREAK, right now!!! I am so sorry that chaos reigns at the moment. I hope you are more peaceful soon!

Love, Laura

Cindy said...

Wow! The plumbing issue completely sucks big time! I am so sorry you have to deal with all of that. :(

tripntwinmom said...

Oh my! What a mess of things you have going on... Heck, things can only go up from here. I do hope that happens soon!

Hang in there!