Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mr. Mom

Max was "mommy" today while I was daddy and then "Max". Then, he moved on to being doctor man, orchestra man, (train) engineer, and several other professions.

Look at that smile in the first one. Do you know how rare it is for me to be able to capture a smile of that kid on film?

I changed mid morning so I could put what I was wearing into the laundry and asked Max if he wanted to change as well as he was still in his PJ's. He said, yes, he did and into mommy's shirt. Okay, then...we head off to my room to pick and as I'm offering him choices, he is into another drawer and sure he wants my purple summer PJ's. He had a great time trooping around the house in this all morning, checking himself out in the mirror a few times. And, I do have to say, purple is a good color for him.

He submitted to wearing a diaper during "rest time" (where I rested and he mostly left me alone) at which time he was done fashoning mommy wear and was pretty much naked all afternoon.

With Sunday school being over, we went to Saturday evening service. As such, today...was a rare and glorious day. We had no place we had to be and no one we had to see. In fact, other than talking to a neighbor for a few minutes when out walking the dog this morning, I don't think either one of us talked to anyone else today. It was really nice and I think we both needed it. A few times, Max said "No Mimi today. Just momma and Max?" When I agreed with him, he asked "Where we going?" I said, we don't have plans to go anywhere. Do you want to go someplace? And, his answer was "no". His behavior was much better than (was it?) last weekend? He did a few stunts and is still torturing the dog more than I would like (and got put into time out twice for not listening and being mean to the dog). However, overall, it was really a nice, pleasant, easy going day for us both.

ETA: If you are a type of person who notices the background of pictures, all those runners you see over the tile are because Shadow is very old and can't walk on the tile directly any more without slipping. The current solution to that is those under rug mats that were cheap at Costco.

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