Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just Hanging

All is going well here. Just hanging out and taking it easy. My mom was here from Friday night until Saturday afternoon to help and a friend from Saturday afternoon until this evening. Max is off on a day adventure with the friend for most of the day. As much as I love him and seeing him, it is much easier to rest and relax when he isn't in the house.

I'd say I'm doing quite well with taking it easy and think those helping would say I could be doing better and am up too much. The thing is, you get zero credit for not doing all the things you think about doing and don't and dinged for doing what anyone else considers too much. It's somewhat of a loosing proposition. I do have bathroom privileges, allowed up at meals, to take a shower stuff like that. And, they want you to stay hydrated. The more you drink, the more you pee. Just the way it goes. I'm not contracting at all and haven't had any contractions at all. The precaution is keeping the weight off the cervix as much as possible, which I am.

As predicted, Max had a tiny melt down on Friday night when he saw me and we both hugged and cried a bit and moved on. He's dealing well with it all and having fun with all the company and helpers, but also not really getting why momma is just sitting around so much (when I am normally rarely sitting or laying down). Yesterday, he came up to me and did something and said he wanted to make me sad. I asked him how come and if I had made him really sad when I was away and in the hospital and he said yes. I told him that made me sad too and that I was going to at least have to go back in the hospital one more time when the babies were born, but was going to do what I could so that was only for a short time by listening to the doctor (and keeping my feet off the ground as much as possible). Then, he played doctor and asked me about the doctors and their names and moved on. I think it is sitting back there worrying him a bit, but he's 2, social, and easily distracted and there has been a lot going on to keep him distracted.

Now, my dog Shadow has not been doing so great. She's been having a major anxiety attack since I got back and following me around and panting and driving me a bit crazy actually. She typically doesn't like to be in the same room with Max these days because he's loud (and does this high pitched noise he calls his soccer team noise that hurts her ears) and energetic. However, she doesn't want to leave my side so is skittish and high strung which just isn't like her. Not sure what's going on with that and will keep my eye on it. She does seem to be settling a bit. Maybe a combination of me being home for a few days and getting out front for a short walk last night and a longer walk this morning helped.

Anyway, don't really have much to say. Not doing much. And, not getting much computer time with so many people in the house. After Max and my friend left this morning, I took a nice nap, ordered groceries on line, and here I am.

I think things will settle in for the week. We will get a new routine and flow going with the changes in my schedule and activity level. My next appointment isn't until later in the week. It's actually not scheduled yet since the computer was done in the office on Friday, but am going to try to get it for Thursday. I'm guessing and hoping things will be nice and quiet until then. In the mean time, with the thought of so much extra free time on my hands, it's hard to get motivated for anything much. I do have a "to do" list to work through starting tomorrow (Monday), but don't is all phone and computer based tasks.

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