Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm home

Yeah! At home, in my own bed at the moment. Still haven't seen Max as he was out with Noemi. Can't wait. My mom's here to help tonight and I sent her out for dinner. I almost had to call a friend to free me. The nursing staff was appalled that I had driven myself to the hospital and planned to drive myself home. I didn't think they were going to release me there for a few minutes. As it was, it had to get escalated up two levels the the head nurse and then only after they called my OB for permission. Of course, it had never occurred to me that this may be an issue. Thank goodness the OB practice I'm under care with are practical based women who understand my situation. So, now I just take it easy and hope I don't go into pre-term labor any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Keep yourself in bed as much as possible! I know that being home must be very good for our soul, which in turn has to be good for the babies. :)

calliope said...

so so glad you are home & back in your own bed. I am super impressed by how zen you were about it all!
sending love.

Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, I am thinking of you. Hope all continues well for you and the babies.

Love, Laura