Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hospital Update

Hospitals are very busy places, you know. Friends coming to visit and call. People coming in to drop off and pick up food. Monitoring to be done. Time goes by fast and slow at the same time.

I'm waiting for the OB to walk in at any time and hoping that she says that all looks good, that my sugar levels have been a bit high, but not in the danger phase, and that I'm free to go home as long as I keep monitoring and add insulin on a sliding scale like has been done the last day or two in the hospital.

All and all, it really hasn't been a bad visit. I've been busy and had a lot of social interaction and contact with the outside world. My sister brought Max to visit yesterday and he took it all in stride. He made sure I wasn't hurt and didn't have owies, then had a grand time playing with the buttons on the bed. When it came time to leave, he was fine with a few shark kisses. It really eased my mind that he is fine with my being away and I actually think he is having a grand time with his aunts.

Things are falling into place and I have coverage for this weekend for help with Max, assuming I'm home. And, my cousin changed her flights this afternoon and is coming out on Sunday, June 22nd almost a month ahead of schedule, which will be a big, big help and means I only have to get coverage for 3 more weekend days before she is here. I'm trying to talk to her husband to come out as well for awhile and just work from my home office, which will just really take the pressure off in a lot of ways so my cousin doesn't feel so much pressure to do it all and Max would just love to have Uncle Jim around and Jim would love it as well. Assuming I can keep this babies cooking inside for awhile yet, this actually might turn out to be a fun and rare gift of a summer for both Max and I.

Oddly, or not, I really haven't been stressed out and worried about things, PTL, and delivering early. In my heart of hearts, I feel like I have done all that I can for this pregnancy (including and especially the reduction). I will continue to all I can and feel at this point, what will be will be. I can only control so much and will do all I can, but things are going to turnout as they do.

In the mean time I really feel blessed by the support of friends and family when I needed it. I'm so impressed with my sisters who I wasn't really sure I could count on and they stepped up and in just like I needed them to exactly when I needed them. For my friends who have called and emailed and visited and offered to help with Max. For my friends who have so much going on in their own life that they sent up silent prayers and good thoughts and that was enough. This event has made me realize how large and strong my village has become over the last few years.

My biggest take away from this is how much I am loved by so many people and how great people can be to help out when you really need to help.

And, I've met some wonderful nurses, two of which touched my life a bit and of which I think I touched theirs. One of them who has a friend of a friend who is trying to be an SMC and just failed an IVF cycle. I was able to pass on links and tell her about our strong SMC Village and maybe she will find a village and support system of her own just as strong as she takes her journey. The other who, strangely enough, bonded over many things, but especially recycling bottles and cans. It was killing me to throw them out, the recyclers in me is so strong, and she collects them and donates money to a nurses organization that has adopted and cares for a village of women in Africa and has made a huge difference to the women and children of that village.

Mostly, the last few days has felt like a much needed break. A good time to reconnect with friends and family that I just haven't been able keep up with because it was all I could do to work and keep the necessities going. There are still a few work things I want to catch up with, but I feel relief that things have been turned over and I'm basically off for the duration. I was hoping for another month at least to get through a few things I had going on, but the hospital stay was the trigger needed to say "I'm out".

It hasn't all been sunshine. It's been more like roses with thorns. My back hurts. I've had terrible heart burn. I'm an introvert who likes her space and alone time and I really haven't had much of that (turned off cell phone and had a full hour of peace and rest time with no visitors this afternoon...needed it) in a hospital with people in and out at all hours of the day and night. I'm ready to go home. And, if that's not the message that OB comes with any time now, I'm going to be majorly bummed. But, mostly, I've kind of had a nice fun break in a place where I feel safe and even more sure I'm delivering at the right place. Mostly, I've seen the roses and lived with the thorns and I really love roses ... just come check out my garden sometime and you will see.


Anonymous said...

Wow-I've been waiting all afternoon for an update, and I"m so glad it's a good one! I'm so glad that you are in good spirits and the babies are still plugging away. I like your attitude of what will be will be. I've learned to *try* to adopt that for myself lately too. Can't wait for the OB update. If you have to stay, it will all be worth it in the end, as I know you know.
Jenny (HeidN)

Laura in L.A. said...

Praise God, Debbie. Like everyone else I pop onto your blog throughout the day, looking for updates. This was a great one! :):) I am especially happy that (so far!) our Max seems to be taking it all in stride. That's a relief to me.

I send you love from Jen and Flor at SIRM, too!

Prayers still going out to you and the babies non-stop. :):)

Love, Laura