Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He has a point, there....

Remember, Max isn't bossy. Opinionated, yes.... Directive, certainly.....

Last night, we were eating dinner. Well, I was still eating. Max was finished and as he was getting up from the table, I asked him to go get me a tea from the fridge. He goes to the fridge, gets a water and brings it back to me telling me..."No tea tonight. Only water. It's good for you." What could I do but agree and drink my water?

This morning, which went much better than yesterday by the way, I just went on the computer for a minute or two (I swear) to check email. My little overseer was all over that. He came and closed the computer, put on my reading glasses, got me a book and told me to read a book instead. When I started to read it to him out loud, I was told "no talking". Sigh. Yes, yes, again, he did have a good point and reading a book is setting a better example than being on the computer.

Egads, point or no point, right or not, the kid is not even 3. I think he may be insufferable as he gets older. Good thing I am usually an easy going kind of person most of the time. :)

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