Monday, April 21, 2008

Where did my friends go? - Edited

It is enough to break your heart. Max almost had me in tears this morning as we said the last goodbye's to my sister and her family. I had been telling him they were going to go bye bye this morning, but I don't think it really registered until they got in the car and left. He started crying and asking where his friends were going and that he missed them and wanted them to come back. As crazy as life will be with three (and Noemi was laughing this morning watching the controlled caos this morning with my sister and her crew saying that's going to be me soon), I know it will all be worth it to have a larger family. For Max to have siblings. He can and does play well on his own, but he LOVES having other children around. He bosses just as much as he gets bossed. He teases just as much as he gets teased. He plays nicely. And, he just loves it. He really is going to love having a brother and sister around to entertain, be entertained by, and boss even if it does mean he gets a bit less mommy time. Also, makes me even more sure that he is ready for preschool this fall.

Edited: After posting this, in stead of forgetting that which I wrote, I realized that I have an extroverted son. An outgoing extroverted son. How did that happen? :) As a child, I was a shy introverted child. I worked on the shy part of it over the years and now most people meeting me would never guess that about me or the fact that I'm introverted. By introverted, I mean that I get my energy from within myself. I need time to rebuild and regroup and downtime away from people. Maybe that is why it was such an "ah ha" moment that Max is extroverted. He and I can look at the same event differently. Me, glad to have a wonderful visit with my sis and her kids, but glad that I will have the place to myself tonight to recharge. Him, sad to have a wonderful visit with his cousins and aunt and uncle end, because he thrives on the interaction and sheer fun and chaos of it. Kind of amazing, this son of mine and how similar and dissimilar we can be.


Laura in L.A. said...

Max is such a pumpkin pie! He is going to be so happy when the babies get here, and forever after!

Love, Laura

Nina said...

I'm so happy that all is good with twins and that Max is an extrovert - it will definitely make his life easier.